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UK Pub Quiz

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Quizzes! you either love 'em or you hate 'em but they are a great way of keeping your brain active. They help you with your memory. These days, with all the modern technology, people tend to read less. This causes your memory to slow down and can even lead to dementia! So anything that causes you to exercise your  brain/memory is actually helping you to remain healthy.

The questions on this site are placed into just a few simple categories. After copying & pasting them into your favourite word processor, you can then re-categorise them as you wish.

Links to the categories are found in the left hand side panel where you will also find links to a number of suitable tie break questions. It is common to end up with more than one winner and the tie break question will allow you to decide on the over all winner.

We also have a section on planning your quiz. Again the link to this is on the left of each page.

The advertising on this site helps us to keep the site free to use, so please make use of our advertisers, using links from this site. That way we can continue to offer you lots of quality questions for your quiz nights. You can take a look at these sites with absolutely no obligation to buy anything.

We always try to make our sites as user friendly as possible with simple navigation. If you have any comments or ideas to improve this site then we'd love to hear them. Just email us with the words 'Site comment' in the subject box to: publish2002ukATyahoo.co.uk replacing the AT with @ (This is to discourage spam robots. A good tip if you have a web site)

Please take a look at our Terms & Conditions. By using this site and it's contents you are accepting our Terms & Conditions. If you do not accept them then please leave the site.

If you find any obvious errors and/or omissions, we would be grateful if you would email us to point them out. We strive for perfection but alas, we are only human!



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This site is provided for your enjoyment, I would be grateful if you can let me know of any mistakes or problems with this site. Thank you.

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