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Quizzes! you either love 'em or you hate 'em but they are a great way of keeping your brain active. They help you with your memory. These days, with all the modern technology, people tend to read less. This causes your memory to slow down and can even lead to dementia! So anything that causes you to exercise your brain/memory such as your local weekly pub quiz, is actually helping you to remain healthy.

You may have already realised that Quiz For Free is now a network of three very distinct websites where you can copy thousands and thousands of top quality questions, Whether it's for a Pub Quiz, a Quiz at Home evening or for any other venue, you are sure to find suitable questions in a variety of styles.

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Happy hunting and good luck in your next quiz.
Tip: copy and paste into your favourite word processor more questions than you need, from any or all of our four sites, five sites if you include this one! Then sort them into the order that you want.

Take a look at the message I received below:

Subject: Thanks for the great quizzes

Hi Jim
I am a resident living in an age care home in Port Macquarie in Australia. I have been searching for quizzes like yours to ask the older people living here. In comparison I am not at their level of loss of memory. My needs are more physical. In other words my mind has not a problem. There was a person employed to run activities such as a weekly Trivia, but last week she said she could only manage to do two a month. My condition allows me to run this activity and since taking over the activity I have found the residents are happier because I research through the captured questions and leave out any questions they would find impossible to answer. As I think you may know that when people grow in age their memories lessen, but long term memory has a better response. In addition, I believe it makes their participation more fun if they have a chance to answer the questions. Whether or not they get the answer right, I do when I can give them the information/story around and about the fact.

Once again thank you so much. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who would use your site for questions but please feel free to use any or all of this message regarding my appreciation for the job you are doing.

Christine: Port Macquarie in Australia

Chris (Christine) (Quizzes aren't just for pubs! - Jim)

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