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Updates to our Network




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Latest News

Bruiser Bill3  Bill Turnbulls site,

Now includes amongst its 100’s of fantastic quizzes: 48 (At the last count) Jackpot Joker Quizzes. The Jackpot Joker quizzes each have up to 30 questions in several categories, making a great short quiz. Add another Jackpot Joker quiz and you have an amazing ready-made ‘Pub Quiz’.

Go along and have a look and see what YOU can steal from his site! Bill won’t mind a bit, that’s what we’re here for! Jackpot Joker

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Bob (Mobocurt)

Bob (Mobocurt)

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Bruiser Bill3

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Writing your own quiz

Writing your own quiz

may seem like quite a task if you are new to this, so here’s a few tips to help you write a great quiz.

TV; Newspapers; Magazines etc. are great resources to help you write your own quiz. Let me explain.


You may be watching something on TV, it may be the news or a sporting event. You will see stories about some famous personality that has passed away. Or if it is a sports program, you may catch a world record being broken. These are all material for great quiz questions. Having a pencil and some notepaper handy whilst you are watching TV means you can jot down some details to help you write a question later.


The same thing applies to newspapers. Have  your pencil and note-pad ready. Read your newspaper with quiz questions in mind. A daily newspaper can easily give you enough material for twenty questions or more.


Magazines are one of my favourite tools as they often have interviews with celebrities. One of these interviews can produce several questions, such as ‘Who is **** married to?’, or How many children does *** have?’, ‘What are their names?’ You’ll be surprised how many questions you can get from just one copy of a magazine. Imagine having a stack of magazines!

Another easy way to gather questions is using Photos and Local newspapers.

If you are writing for a local pub quiz, a picture/local quiz, can be a popular feature especially if you are trying to build up a good following. People like local questions.


Almost everyone nowadays has a digital camera or a camera built into their phone. So the next time you are walking around town, be sure to have your cameras ready! A great subject could be, ‘Above the Shop Windows’. Take photos of buildings, especially old buildings, concentrating on the part of the building that you don’t normally look at. You’ll find lots of interesting information up there such as dates carved into the stonework and even the name of the business the building was originally built for.

Local Newspapers:

Local newspapers can yield many questions for your ‘Local Theme’. Don’t just stick to ‘Current’ stories, visit your local ‘Archives’ or library to find historical facts which can be used for questions. Browsing through old newspapers at these facilities can be very entertaining as well.

The Internet:

I hope you have enjoyed this article and it has helped you to write a fantastic quiz.

But just before I close I have to mention the Internet. I use the Internet on a daily basis, not only for my work with my quiz sites. You can research almost every topic under the sun online. It’s a great resource for anyone looking for quick information. Just one word of warning, when using the Internet for researching questions for a quiz, check the facts with several sources to ensure your questions are accurate.

And with that I will bid you ‘Happy Quizzing’

Look out for more articles on this website soon.


About the author. Jim Ackroyd has been supplying quiz questions to quizmasters since 2007. For lots of free quiz questions and answers and more information visit: http://quiz4free.com


You may use this article on your website or in a newsletter etc. but you must leave the author box intact and not remove the hyperlink.

Pub Quiz ? Why are quizzes so popular?

Humour  |  Do you run a Quiz?

Why are pub quizzes so popular? Or for that matter any type of quiz.

You can host a quiz at home for your family and or guests and keep everyone entertained for hours. Parties for adults or kids can be enhanced by hosting a quiz to keep your guests entertained.

Have you ever been to a party without a theme? There is only so much conversation before the party becomes a bore and guests start leaving early. A party needs a theme that involves everyone to keep it alive.

It’s the same at your local pub. Yes it’s nice to have a quiet relaxing evening once in a while but once or twice a week you can liven up the atmosphere with a well planned quiz night.

In addition to the entertainment value of a quiz night it’s also brilliant brain fodder. By taking part in a quiz you are keeping your brain active and possibly keeping the aging process at bay. So it’s good for your health too. What a bonus.

How to organize your quiz.

  • First decide on a suitable date and venue. This may be at your home or your local pub or club.
  •  Give plenty of notice, this gives you time to get your questions and answers prepared and gives the contestants time to re-arrange their diaries if necessary. Read More:

About the author. Jim Ackroyd has been supplying quiz questions to quizmasters since 2007. For lots of free quiz questions and answers and more information visit: http://quiz4free.com

Our Network

Quiz4free started in 2007.

Since then it has grown considerably. Now it is among the top used quiz sites in the UK, if not the world.

Quiz4free regularly has the top google position for search terms such as ‘Free Quiz Questions’. I recently tried the same search term and the results were amazing. Number 1 out of over six million results!

This of course does not ‘just happen’ . It takes a lot of hard work and many hours of research.

A few years ago I asked for people who liked writing quizzes if they would like to submit their questions for publishing on Quiz4free. Since then I have had several people submit questions, all of which have to be checked for accuracy and to make sure they conform to the terms and conditions of the site.

One of my submitters, Bill Turnbull, has been prolific in sending quizzes for over a year. You’ll find a link to his questions by clicking on the ‘Our Network of Quiz Sites’ link at the top of this site.

Then a few months ago, Shane Barr started sending me some quizzes which I found were very good. His site link can also be found by clicking the ‘Our Network of Quiz Sites’ link. The picture of the website is the link!

About a month ago I offered to let Bill and Shane have their own websites because I felt their work needed to be showcased. Their quizzes were previously ‘just part of my own quiz site’, and as I have had the site for over seven years now, their work was literally buried within!

Our most recent recruit to our network is Bob of Mobocurt. Bob has actually been sending quizzes, including some fabulous ‘Picture Quizzes’ for many months. So I decided to ask Bob if he would like to have his own site as in my opinion his work is worthy of it’s own site. Bob accepted my offer and is now a valuable member of our Network of Free Quiz Sites.

So now we have a network of free quiz sites that between us covers dozens of categories. This means that you can copy and paste questions from any or all of our sites to compile your quiz.

Each one of our sites are linked to each other using the ‘Links’ button at the top of every page to help you search for that perfect question.

Happy quizzing