Kings Arms Quiz 2

Kings Arms Quiz 2

Write down your answers then scroll to the bottom for the answers. Enjoy.

Round 1 Picture Round – Guess the object!

Guess the object

Round 2 – Music Round – Press play and pause until you have guessed the title of the clips (10 clips)

Round 3 – General Knowledge

1. What Is The Italian Word For Pie?
2. Fort Knox Lies In Which American State?
3. What Word Comes From The Swahili Language Meaning (Journey)?
4. What Is The Name Of A Major Port And State Capital Of Queensland On The East Coast Of Australia?
5. A Double-Tailed Mermaid As The Main Feature Of Who’s Logo?
6. What Does Ftp Stand For In The World Of Computing?
7. Other Than Aintree Where Has The Grand National Been Held?
8. What Connects The Words ‘Bolivia, Canada, Dismay, Concertina?
9. ‘Fear Can Hold You Prisoner. Hope Can Set You Free’ – Name the 1994 film.
10. Who Wrote The Poem ‘The Owl And The Pussycat’?
11. What Is The Only Letter That Doesn’t Appear In The Periodic Table?
12. According To Shakespeare, Whose Horse Was Called White Surrey?
13.  Which Famous Scientist Was Born In Lincolnshire?
14.  Who Was Assassinated By Nathuram Godse In 1948?
15. Who Has Written A Series Of Letters Entitled `Dear Fatty` In The Form Of An Autobiography?
16. Which Film Had The Working Title Of Eggs, Beans And Chippendales?
17. Which Category Of Sports Men Or Women Have Been Voted BBC Sports Personality Of The Year The Most Times?
18.  Who Succeeded David Steel As Leader Of The Liberal Democrats?
19. True Or False Morecambe & Wise Appeared In The Last Episode Of The Sweeny?
20. “Bursting Presence” Is An Anagram Of Which Famous performer?

Tie Break

In Feet How Long Was The Titanic








Picture Round:

1. Gear Stick Rubber Bit
2. Paint Brush
3. Mouse Ball
4. A Rose
5. Plastic Forks
6. Tire Tread
7. Pig Snout
8. Garden Hose
9. Microphone
10. Lego
11. A Ladder
12. A Toaster
13. Wooden Stool
14. Typewriter Keys
15. Picture Frame Back

Music Round

1. Ike & Tina Turner – Proud Mary
2. Commodores – Easy
3. John Lennon – Mind Games
4. Mc Hammer – U Cant Touch This
5. Chicory Tip – Son Of A Father ( Extra Point) What Was This The First To Use Synthesiser
6. Gabriel – Dreams
7. Lighthouse Family – Lifted
8. Beatles – Day In A Life
9. Natalie Imbrulia – Torn
10. Zoe – Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Round 3 – General Knowledge

1. Pizza
2. Kentucky
3. Safari
4. Brisbane
5. Starbucks
6. File Transfer Protocol
7. Gatwick
8. All Contain Girls Names (Olivia, Ada, May, Tina
9. Shawshank Redemption
10. Edward Lear
11. J
12. Richard III
13.  Isaac Newton
14.  Mahatma Ghandi
15. Dawn French
16. The Full Monty
17. Athletes
18.  Paddy Ashdown
19. True
20. Bruce Springsteen

Tie Break
In Feet How Long Was The Titanic
882.5 feet




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