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The free quiz questions on this site are mainly general knowledge questions. Some quizzes have been categorized in case you are looking for a themed quiz. After copying & pasting them into your favourite word processor, you can then re-categorise them as you wish. Links to the various pages are to be found at the top of each page just below the header for your convenience. You will also find links to a number of suitable tie break questions. It is common to end up with more than one winner and a tie break question will allow you to decide on the over all winner.

We also have a section on planning your quiz, on the home page.

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My Quizzes "I hope you like them" - Quizzes by 'The Master'

I'm now retired having worked in engineering and the licensed trade.
For over twenty-five years I have written quizzes for my local pubs etc. More recently I have written a monthly quiz for a local magazine. Also for over a year I have been submitting quizzes to Quiz4free.com. Jim, the owner of the site has kindly allowed me to have my own site offering free quizzes for anyone wanting questions for a pub/club quiz. You can also use these questions for a quiz at home.

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Bob Curtis – Mobocurt

Hello there, my name is Bob and for the past 25 years I have been writing and presenting Pub Quizzes both for the public and as Corporate events.

It all started when the quizmaster at my local quiz gave it up and, looking like I was going to lose my weekly night out, I decided to have a bash at writing and presenting. Over the years I have been both Large and Small, at one stage quizzing most nights of the week, however, as time marches on I am now happy just to do 2 quizzes a week, both in the same very loyal venue.

I have presented quizzes in the King Malcolm Hotel, Dunfermline since 1992, doing a General Knowledge Quiz on Thursdays [kick of 9:00pm] and an Entertainment Quiz, covering Film, TV & Music, on Sundays [kick off 8:30pm]. Quizzes are free to enter and prizes are nominal, but the company is great. I have quizzies still attending who were at my first quiz in the Bar and the Sunday Night crowd have grown into a friendly family, very receptive to newcomers. The banter is superb, the competition is keen and a lot of fun is had by one and all, not least myself.

The challenge of providing fresh questions to regulars of 15 years plus attendance keeps me on my toes. I am very happy to be a subscriber to Jim's Quiz4Free site, and, as there is a plethora of fine questions available from Jim, Bill & Shane, I try to add to the mix by providing interesting Handout Type Questions. I also have a wealth of multi-part questions that I will release from time to time and many hundreds of True or False Statements, which are a popular weekly feature of my General Knowledge Quiz.