Weekly Quiz 5


Bob here with our weekly quiz. Here’s something a bit different. I hope you like it.


Here are ten questions, you will receive a point for each correct answer.

If you answer any question incorrectly you will be wiped out and receive ZERO POINTS.

So if you are not sure of the answer leave it blank and you will score on the questions you have correctly answered

Complete the quiz then go Here for the answers. Enjoy.

Q1 What is the busiest single-runway airport in the world?
Q2 Name either of Barack Obama’s daughters.
Q3 Gimpo International Airport is situated in which Asian Capital City?
Q4 E Numbers 140-149 are what colour?
Q5 In which Country was David Cameron born?
Q6 Who was Europe’s Captain at the 2014 Ryder Cup?
Q7 Which very popular series of books was written by Stephanie Meyer >
Q8 What is the capital of India?
Q9 Which of the following musical notes does not exist? B sharp, C sharp or D sharp?
Q10 When Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt were the last people to walk on the moon, what number was their Apollo mission? 17

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