Weekly Quiz 6

Bruiser Bill3Hi, Bill Turnbull here. Here’s week 6 of the ‘Weekly Quiz’. Every week we will have a brand new 10 question quiz that won’t be published anywhere else on the Internet. So if you want to get hold of these weekly quizzes easily, just save this site to your favourites. Enjoy.




Weekly Quiz 6 – MISNOMERS

1.    What colour is a female purple finch

2.    In which country did the Panama hat originate

3.    How many people were in the band The Thompson Twins

4.    How long is Seven Mile beach on Grand Cayman

5.    What type of fruit is a Blenheim orange

6.    What creatures are the Canary Islands named after

7.    What is the lead in a lead pencil made from

8.    In what month is the Munich Oktoberfest beer festival held

9.    What is the meat in Alsatian soup

10.In which county is Leeds Castle

Once you have written down your answers click Here to check them

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