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Humour Section: Seaside Postcards Worth a look.

Bob from Mobo Enterprises has sent another batch of Picture Quizzes. Here's the first. Next. I'll get the rest uploaded soon.

With thousands of FREE quizzes on our little network, you now have access to more quizzes than you could possibly need and did I mention they are all FREE!

Bill Turnbull now has his own site. So in future you can access his quizzes at: http://billturnbull.quiz4free.com/

I've also built a site for Shane Barr. Again, his latest quizzes can be accessed here: http://shanebarr.quiz4free.com/

I hope you like this extra dimension we've added, which gives more scope to showcase more of their hard work. Jim

I'd like to welcome my newest quiz submitter Shane Barr. Shane has sent me lots of quizzes and many of them are in new categories which will add variety to this site. Here's Shanes first quiz. Thank you for your input Shane. (Shane Barr quizzes 81b 82b 83b 84b) More to come soon!

You can now find us on FaceBook. Go take a look and PLEASE LIKE the page. You can then join in with comments

I love this from Bill. Let me know what YOU think.

Latest from Bill: 72b; 73b 74b 75b 77b 78b 79b -  Special 40 questions: General Knowledge: - Sent in by: Bill Turnbull:  (Highly Rated - Jim)
Watch out for the Tour de France question.

Quiz 76b Family Fortunes style

Quiz 19 - World Cup Special

Quiz 9 Science and Nature (Changed quiz due to duplication)

Do you know where your favourite TV and Film etc. characters live? Take a look

Quiz 71b Dr. Who Special -100 Questions (Sent in by Iky)

Extra quizzes added 8th June

Questions - Set 113. General Knowledge

Quiz 68b - General Knowledge - Bonus Edition, 40 questions Sent in by: Bill Turnbull:  (Highly Rated - Jim)

More Fictional Addresses added - Now 15 quizzes

Baffling Photo...Can anyone explain?

Quiz 111a - Sporting Greats

MALE VS. FEMALE LOGIC. Funny - Go to Humour

Quiz 64b - A FISHY TALE -Bumper 40 questions:  Sent in by: Bill Turnbull:  (Highly Rated - Jim)

Quiz 112 - Words and their spellings Nice quiz for all you wordsmiths.

Quiz 61b - 'Place Names' - Bumper 40 Question set  Sent in by: Bill Turnbull: Do you think you know your geography?

Just uploaded, our new intro to Quiz4FREE: View our You Tube intro here: Quiz4FREEintro  And PLEASE share it with your contacts. Thanks. Jim

60th Quiz from my good friend Bill Turnbull - Famous Cars from TV and Film - (Don't worry there's plenty more from Bill.)

Quiz 99a  - Can YOU name the European Tourist Attractions and Locations?.

Quiz 59b - 'X MARKS THE SPOT' - Bumper 40 Question set  Sent in by: Bill Turnbull:  (Highly Rated - Jim)

Quiz 35a  Can YOU remember who won the medals at the 2012 London Olympics?

Are YOU looking for a specific category? Maybe I can help. If you require a set of questions in a specific category and can't find anything suitable on the site, then email me with your requirements and I will write a quiz to suit you. I will always try to help wherever possible. (Jim) P.S. Please give me 48 hours notice.

Here at Quiz For FREE we actively encourage comments about this site from our visitors. This has helped us to ensure that the information within our quizzes is as accurate as possible. Thank you to all who have taken the time to contact us with your comments

More Connections added today. 7th April

Fictional addresses now online. This means you can now get yourself a fully comprehensive quiz. A General Knowledge Round from Series 1 or Series 2. Then a Specific Category Round, a Connections Round, and a Fictional Addresses Round. That gives you up to 50 questions. If you need more, then there are thousands of FREE questions to choose from right here on this site! Enjoy.

Older messages moved here

Quiz 4 Free offers FREE quiz questions and answers to help you host the perfect pub quiz. It doesn't matter if you are hosting a pub quiz or a quiz in your local club or even a quiz in your own home. There are hundreds of FREE quizzes on this site. In fact we have OVER four thousand FREE questions with answers for you to choose from. In addition there are several pages with resources to help you compile many more questions for your quiz, such as: U.S. State Capitals List and Capital Cities (World List). More added regularly.

With thousands of free quiz questions and trivia ranging from easy to difficult you have access to the material for setting a perfect quiz to suit you and your guests.

Using the navigation menu at the top of each page you will find everything you could possibly need for a great quiz. You will find all the free questions you require to set up an instant quiz here: Free Questions Series 1 and here Free questions series 2 Then you will find great big lists to insert into your quiz as you require here: U.S. State Capitals List and here Capital Cities (List). Plus lots of help and advice.

When compiling your Pub or Club quiz
You will find 1000's of free quiz questions on Quiz for Free to help you. You don't have to use a complete set of quiz questions in your pub quiz, why not mix them up?

You can select free quiz questions from various sets and then add some current affairs questions you have made up from your newspapers and magazines. You can even make up some quiz questions from watching the TV News!

Adding questions about current affairs helps to bring your quiz up-to-date and more interesting. Don't forget your local papers. Local interest questions are always popular.

Here's a tip: Always copy and paste more free questions than you need. So that while you are compiling your quiz you have plenty of free questions to choose from. It doesn't take long to copy an extra 20 free questions as insurance.

*WELL OVER four thousand FREE questions

Random Quiz  -

84b Music Quiz.
Compiled by: Shane Barr.

1) Which actress sung on the duet 'Something Stupid' with Robbie Williams.
2) At Live Aid who sang the duet 'Don't let the sun go down on me' with Elton John.
3) Which D.J. had a hit with the song 'Floral Dance'
4) Who's eyes did Kim Carnes sing about.
5) What was the name of the fictional T.V. family that David Cassidy was a member of.
6) Which Dad's army star had a hit with the song 'Grandad'.
7) What song by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg was banned.
8) Which ex wife of Peter Sellers had an affair with Rod Stewart.
9) Who were the three members of the group ELP.
10) Which model was dating Billy Joel when he wrote his hit 'Uptown Girl'
11) Which singer discovered by Adam Faith used to dress as a clown.
12) Which James Bond beauty married Ringo Starr.
13) Which member of Queen did Eastender actress Anita Dobson marry.
14) Which bird was a T.V. series for Adam Faith.
15) According to Paul Hardcastle what was the average age of a soldier in Vietnam.
16) Who sang on a comedy version of 'Living Doll' with Cliff Richard in 1986.
17) According to Bucks Fizz, what never lies.
18) Which female soul group were a great favourite of Prince Charles.
19) According to Benny Hill who was the fastest milkman in the West.
20) According to Rolf Harris who had an extra leg.


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Brief Guide to Quiz Planning from www.quiz4free.com  

Arranging a quiz night, whether it's for a group of friends at home; a family quiz or for the local pub quiz etc., can be quite a task if you are not used to it!

Here are some tips to make it easier for you:

  • First of all arrange the venue. Then send out invitations and or put up posters advertising the event. You want to ensure everyone knows about your quiz night.
  • Decide how many questions you are going to ask. 40 is about right, especially for the first time. These can be arranged into two sets of 20 questions. Give the answers and scores for the first set before asking the next 20. Have a couple of 'Tie Breakers' handy in case more than one person/group have the same total.
  • Tie Breakers - used to decide a winner where two teams or more end with the same score. These should be quite difficult, such as, 'How far is it from London to Argentina' or something along those lines. The winner is the team who gets the nearest answer.
  • Be sure to check your questions and answers carefully - I once used a question from a book and the book stated the answer in kilometres when it should have been in miles! - Check and double check to ensure you don't get complaints.
  • When compiling your questions, there are lots of resources, such as quiz books; newspapers (topical questions are always popular) encyclopędias; dictionaries and of course the Internet.
  • Print out some answer sheets: with headings such as: Round 1, 1 - 20; Round 2, 21 - 40 and have a supply of scrap paper available, so the teams can write down questions they may have to think about.
  • Prizes don't have to be expensive. At our club for example, we charge ?1 per team plus we sell a 'football card' (available from most printers shops) paying ?15 to the football card winner and adding the remaining ?15 to the quiz prize money. Everyone gets their ?1 back and the remaining money is given in descending amounts, depending what the 'pot' holds, to the first 3 or 4 places. You could offer free entry and run a raffle to generate a 'pot' if you like.

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