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Questions - Set 106 - Sport & Leisure

1st leg.

1 Was the first FA Cup Final held in: (a) 1868, (b) 1872 or
(c) 1876?
2 In which month is the Ascot race meeting held?
3 In motor racing, what is the colour of flag to signify 'Danger, no overtaking': (a) red, (b) blue or (c) yellow?
4 What is the name of the international biennial yachting event coinciding with ?Cowes Week??
5 How many pieces does each player have in Backgammon?
6 Boston Crab is a term used in which sport?
7 What is the name of Chicago's American Football team?
8 How many pegs or marbles are there in a Solitaire board game?
9 The author Dick Francis was formerly famous in which sport?
10 What is the name of Fulham's football ground?
11 'Lutz' is a term used in which sport?
12 How many squares are there on a traditional Snakes and Ladders board?
13 'The Curtis Cup' is awarded for which sport?
14 In ice hockey, how many players from each side are allowed on the ice at any one time?
15 In rowing, what is the name of the Oxford University reserve team?


1. (b) 1872.  2. June.  3. (c) Yellow.  4. Admiral's Cup.  5. 15.  6. Wrestling. 7. Bears.  8. 33.  9. Horse racing. 10. Craven Cottage.  11. Skating.  12. 100. 13. Golf.  14. 6.  15.Isis.

2nd Leg

1 When England and Australia play for the Ashes, the contents of the urn are reputed to be what?
2 How many crew are there in a Tornado Sailing Boat?
3 In Judo, which is the higher grade, White Belt, Yellow Belt or Blue Belt?
4 Which sport usually uses the larger pitch, Rugby League or Rugby Union?
5 What is the maximum number of players permitted in a Rounders Team?
6 Who won the 1996/97 Carling Premiership?
7 Which of Horse racing's classics is the oldest?
8 Who was John McEnroe's normal doubles partner?
9 Which one of these golf courses is the odd one out: Birkdale, Troon, Gleneagles, Carnoustie?
10 In what sport might you catch a crab?
11 Who was Britain's first million pound footballer?
12 What was Billy Jean King's maiden name?
13 With which team did James Hunt begin his career?
14 With which sport would you associate Jens Weissflog?
15 In which U.S. city would you see the Sea Hawks play?


1. Ashes of a burnt cricket bail  2. Two.  3. Blue Belt.  4.Rugby Union. 5. Nine 6. Manchester United.  7. St. Leger.  8. Peter Fleming.  9. Birkdale - others are in Scotland.  10. Rowing.  11. Trevor Fancis.  12. Moffat. 13. Hesketh.  14. Ski-jumping.  15. Seattle.




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