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 Questions - Set 109 - Sport


  1. In what country would you find the Imola motor racing circuit? - Italy

  2. Who was the snooker player that beat Steve Davis in a world snooker final after being 8 - 0 down? - Dennis Taylor

  3. Who was the England football manager prior to Alf Ramsay? - Walter Winterbottom

  4. What British golfer became the youngest Ryder Cup player in 1977? - Nick Faldo

  5. In golf, what is the amateur equivalent of the Ryder Cup? - The Walker Cup

  6. In Boxing, name the referee who angered the crowd by giving the decision to Joe Bugner against Henry Cooper? - Harry Gibbs

  7. What was the nationality of swimmer Michael Gross? - German (West German at the time)

  8. In Show Jumping, how many points are lost if a horse knocks down both parts of a double fence? - 8

  9. In which sport might you come across a 'googly or a chinaman'? - Cricket

  10. Which river is used for the annual Oxford v Cambridge boat race? - The river Thames

  11. In horse racing, who was nicknamed 'The Long Fella'? - Lester Piggott

  12. In wrestling, what name did Shirley Crabtree use? - Big Daddy

  13. In Athletics, what distance was Miruts Yifter undefeated between 1972 and 1981? - 10,000m

  14. Whose autobiography was titled 'The Sport of Queens'? - Dick Francis

  15. The Trotters is the nickname for which football club? - Bolton Wanderers

  16. How many Players would you see on a netball court? - 14 - 2 teams of seven players

  17. How many players are there in a rounders side? - 9

  18. Olga Korbut became famous in which sport? - Gymnastics

  19. In which sport would you use a spider? - Snooker - It's a tall rest

  20. Who took his only Wimbledon Singles title in 1975? - Arthur Ashe



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