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UK Pub Quiz

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Quiz 104b - by Ray Tyson

 F Answers

1. Which Walt Disney film was the first to combine visual images with concert music?

1. Fantasia

2. Of the 31 shipping forecast areas 7 of them begin with F name them?

2. Faeroes, Fair Isle, Fastnet, Fisher, FitzRoy, Forth, Forties

3.Which group of people believe in the Great Architect of the Universe?

3. Freemasons

4. Which comedy series is set on Craggy Island?

4. Father Ted

5. What was the name of the bomb dropped on Nagasaki during World War II?

5. Fat Man

6. What name is given to the young of a deer?

6. Fawn

7. Which F is a name of one of the four stations on a Monopoly board?

7. Fenchurch Street

8. Whose assassination is said to have led to the outbreak of the first world war?

8. Archduke Ferdinand's

9. Which Abba song has the line "Do you still recall that fateful night we crossed the Rio Grande"?

9. Fernando

10. By what name is the domesticated albino variety of polecat better known?

10. Ferret 

11. Who was European footballer of the year for 2000?

11. Luis Figo

12. What was the last film in the "Omen" trilogy featuring the character of Damian?

12. The Final Conflict

13. Barry Allen is the alto ego of which comic book superhero?

13. Flash

14. Who was the famous maker of jewelled eggs for the Russian Court?

14. Faberge

15. Which bird turns its head upside down to eat?

15. Flamingo

16. Who played Princess Leia in the film "Star Wars"?

16. Carrie Fisher

17. In the Simpsons who runs the store called the "Leftorium"?

17. Ned Flanders

18. Who discovered penicillin in 1928?

18. Sir Alexander Fleming 

19. Who were the first animated television couple to sleep in a double bed?

19. Fred and Wilma Flintstone

20. In which American state is Cape Canaveral, a launching site for space travel?

20. Florida

21. What is the F in John F Kennedy?

21. Fitzgerald

22. Who played General George Custer in the film "They Died With Their Boots On"?

22. Erroll Flynn

23. Who played Cat Ballou in the 1965 film of the same name?

23. Jane Fonda

24. Who played the President in the film "Air Force One"?

24. Harrison Ford

25.Where can you buy a copy of the Penguin News?

25. Falkland Islands

26. Who wrote "The Odessa File", "The Fourth Protocol" and "The Fist Of God"?

26. Frederick Forsyth

27. Which type of animal was Robin Hood in the Disney cartoon film 'Robin Hood'?

27. A fox

28. Which novelist works include "Dead Cert", "Comeback" and "To The Hilt"?

28. Dick Francis

29. Which famous book is sub-titled "The Modern Prometheus"?

29. Frankenstein

30. What did Spanish scientists fit to cows to increase milk yield?

30. False Teeth

31. Jodie Foster, Mel Brooks and Cindy Crawford have all lent their voices to phone callers on what TV sitcom?.

31. Frasier

32. Ephelides sometimes mistakenly called Lentigines is the medical term for what skin condition?

32. Freckles

33. A skulk is a group of which animals?

33. Foxes

34. In the TV sitcom "Friends", where does Joey keep his favourite book?

34. In the freezer

35.Which phantom ship is said to haunt The Cape of Good Hope ?

35. The Flying Dutchman

36. What was the name of the craft in which John Glenn first orbited the Earth in 1962?

36. Friendship 7

37. Which acid give nettles their sting?

37..Formic acid

38. In which Bond film does the character of Q appear for the first time?

38. From Russia With Love

39. What is sold by a costermonger?

39. Fruit

40. Which film was a biography of singer-comedienne Fanny Brice?

40. Funny Girl


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