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Quiz 108b - by Ray Tyson 60 Question Special

General Knowledge 'Answers begin with K'

1. There are 6 countries or sovereign states beginning with K name them? (No Korea)

1.Kenya, Kuwait, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kiribati (Gilbert Islands)

2. The German form of the word Emperor?

2. Kaiser

3. What is a baby rabbit called?

3. Kit or Kitten

4. Which kind if cabbage can be curly?

4. Kale

5. Grey, Red, Rat and Tree are all types of which creature?

5. Kangaroo

6. What is another name for china clay?

6. Kaolin

7. Which famous outlaws' last words before he was hanged were 'such is life'?

7. Kelly (Ned)

8. There 4 British birds beginning with K name them?

8. Kestrel, Kingfisher, Kittiwake, Knot

9. In 1983, what was Culture Club's first No.1 in the UK music charts?

9. Karma Chameleon

10. What does the letter K stand for in the author J. K. Rowling's name?

10. Kathleen 

11. What silent film star had a contract which forbade him from smiling on screen?

11. Keaton (Buster)

12. There is only 1 team in the top 5 football league divisions beginning with K which one?

12. Kidderminster Harriers

13. Which film star was the first to appear on a postage stamp?

13. Kelly (Grace)

14. What is the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet?

14. Kappa

15. Which two brothers played the title roles in the 1990 film "The Krays"?

15. Kemp (Gary and Martin)

16. Which club is concerned with pedigree in the dog world?

16. Kennel

17. Everest is the highest what is the second and what is the third?

17. K2 and Kanchenjunga

18. What is another name for paraffin, distilled from petrol?

18. Kerosene 

19. What is the real name for the laughing jackass?

19. Kookaburra

20. Burke and Hare the body snatchers supplied which doctor with bodies?

20. Knox (Dr)

21. Apart from Cairo, which other Capital City stands on The River Nile?

21. Khartoum

22. The infamous Invisible Empire is more commonly known as what?

22. Ku Klux Klan

23. Which part of the body is affected by Bright's disease?

23. The kidneys

24. Which Japanese words mean divine wind, open hand, empty orchestra, and carp?

24. Kamikaze, Karate, Karaoke, Koi

25. Which is the largest of the venomous snakes?

25. King Cobra

26. Which town stands at the mouth of the Great Ouse?

26. Kings Lynn

27. What is the correct name for a honey bear?

27. Kinkajou

28. What Is The Capital Of Jamaica?

28. Kingston

29. The term for someone who can't stop stealing?

29. Kleptomaniac

30. What is the world's oldest airline?

30. KLM

31. What word means to work up into dough or paste?

31. Knead

32. Which song has been a hit for Eddie Floyd, Otis Redding, Ami Stewart and David Bowie?

32. Knock On Wood

33. Which war was ended by the signing of an armistice on 27th July 1953?

33. The Korean War

34. What everyday item is collected by a copoclephist?

34. Key Rings

35. Chocolate Crisp introduced in 1935 were renamed as what in 1937?

35. Kit Kat

36. Which Dutchman won the men's singles title at Wimbledon in 1996?

36. Krajicek (Richard)

37. What provides the staple diet of the blue whale?

37. Krill

38. What is the name of the robot butler In TV’s Red Dwarf?

38. Kryton

39. Who directed the film "Dr Strangelove"?

39. Kubrick (Stanley)

40. What K is a travel company with its headquarters in Switzerland?

40. Kuoni

41. Which well known company was formed by George Eastman in 1888?

41. Kodak

42. What is the name of the largest brown bear?

42. Kodiak

43. Which male singer had a No.1 in 1961 with 'Well I Ask You'?

43. Eden Kane

44. Who had a backing group called the Dakotas?

44. Kramer (Billy J)

45. Which movie starring Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep won best picture Oscar in 1980?

45. Kramer v Kramer

46. What is the name of the desert in Botswana?

46. Kalahari

47. Which Field Marshall died in 1916 when HMS Hampshire sank?

47. Kitchener

48. Which musical features the songs 'Too Darn Hot' and 'So in Love'? 

48. Kiss me Kate

49. Which musical features the songs 'Stranger in Paradise' and 'Baubles Bangles and Beads'?

49. Kismet

50. Which ice cream sweet was invented in the UK by J Crouch and named after New York settlers?

50. Knickerbocker Glory

51. Which gold coin weighs exactly 1 troy ounce?

51. Krugerrand

52. Which famous movie starring Fay Wray was set partly on Skull Island?

52. King Kong

53. What can be bowline, sheepshank or reef?

53. Knots

54. What is the capital of the Ukraine?

54. Kiev

55. Which garment traditionally contains 8 sections of material?

55. Kimono

56. Who wrote The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile?

56. Stephen King

57. Who won an Oscar for playing Ghandi in the film of the same name?

57. Kingsley (Ben)

58. Which Sanskrit phrase means love story?

58. Karma Sutra

59. A melcryptovestimentaphiliac compulsively steals what?

59. Knickers

60. Which word means acclaim or praise for an exceptional achievement?

60. Kudos



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