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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.

Quiz 10b - General Knowledge - Another great quiz from Bill Turnbull: 

1. What is sometimes referred to as the Fourth Estate? - The Press
2. What is the most easterly racecourse in Britain? - Great Yarmouth
3. Who had a number one in the sixties with Lily The Pink? - The Scaffold
4. How many teats are there on a cow's udder? - Four
5. Who portrayed Bob Champion in the 1983 film Champions? - John Hurt
6. What was the name of the Argentinean cruiser sank in the Falklands War? - General Belgrano
7. What is the longest mountain range in the world? -Andes
8. What is the opposite of not in? - In
9. In soccer is the goalkeeper allowed to take a throw in? - Yes
10. Which actor comedian had a hit with Mad Passionate Love? - Bernard Bresslaw
11. What was the name of Basil's wife in Fawlty Towers? - Sybil
12. How many old pennies were there in half a crown? - Thirty
13. If a Cornishman was eating fair maids what would he be eating? - Pilchards
14. What is the common name for Nitrous Oxide? - Laughing gas
15. What was the name of the British liner which was sank by a U-Boat on the first day of the Second World War? - Athenia
16. What was the name of Nick Faldo's female caddie? - Fanny Sunesson
17. Which member of ABBA was not Swedish? - Frida
18. Which New Zealander presented Take Your Pick on radio and TV? - Michael Miles
19. What do pilots nickname the auto pilot? - George
20. What indoor game numbering system is credited to Brian Gamlin? - The numbering on a dartboard

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