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UK Pub Quiz

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Quiz 112b  by John Clark


What was George and Mildred's surname in the TV sitcom 'George and Mildred' in the 1970's?



 Which hit song of the Sixties started with the words, 'I may not always love you, but long as there are stars above you…'?

'God Only Knows ...The Beach Boys'


In which country would you find the Great Victoria Desert?



Which character from the 'Looney Tunes series' said these words "The-The-The-The-That's All Folks!.? 

'Porky Pig'


What is both a type of herb and an adjective which means "wise"?



What 'Monopoly'(C) square is furthest from Go?

Free Parking


In which English County can you find 4 towns with the suffix Regis?



Which film about Vietnam won the best picture at the 1978 Oscars?

'The Deer Hunter'


Which are the two private residences of the Queen?

Balmoral and Sandringham


Who wrote the series of books about 'Budgie the Helicopter'

Sarah Ferguson


During WWII, where was the HQ of the British code breaking unit that was set up to decode the messages sent by the Germans to their 'Enigma’ machine?

Bletchley Park


What Greek titan was said to hold the Earth on his shoulders?



What is either a 'Black Sabbath' song or a super hero?

'Iron Man'


What word for a corpse is used for medical or scientific research?



Morrissey was the lead singer of what band?

'The Smiths'


What colour jacket is presented to US Masters Golf winners?



If you were to 'cachinnate' what would you be doing?

Laughing loudly


What is the only country whose name starts with the letter Y?



What is the national language of Pakistan?



What four megacities start with the letter M?
(metro population over 10 million) Point each

Manila, Mexico City, Moscow and Mumbai


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