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UK Pub Quiz

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Quiz 118b  by John Clark


Who was the first man to set foot on all five continents?

Captain James Cook


The Lion's Mount in Belgium commemorates which battle?



What is wrapped around the candle in the Amnesty International Logo?

Barbed wire


Moravia and Bohemia forms what modern day country?

Czech Republic


In response to which novel did Ayatollah Khomeini issue a fatwa against Salman Rushdie?

The Satanic Verses


Which country became the first independent nation in the Caribbean in 1804?



What Territory did Britain gain as a result of the First Opium Wars?

Hong Kong


Which is Australia's largest state?

Western Australia


Which African country became an independent state in July 2011?

South Sudan


Starbucks takes it's name from a character in which book?



Which communications software company was acquired by Microsoft in May 2011 for $8.5 billion?



Which major golf championship is held at Augusta National Golf Club?

The Masters Tournament


The painters Titian, Tintoretto and Veronese achieved prominence in which Italian city?



What line of fortifications did France construct in the 1930's along it's border with Germany?

Maginot Line


"Abu-al-hawl" (the father of terror) is the Arabic name for what famous sculpture?

The Sphinx


Which two countries signed the "Pact of Steel" in 1939?

Germany and Italy


In which film did Daniel Craig play James Bond for the first time?

Casino Royal


Which comic book publisher owns the rights to, Superman, Batman and Green Lantern?

DC Comics


In which decade were Star Wars, Apocalypse Now, and Jaws released?



Marianne, a portrayal of the Goddess of Liberty, is a national symbol of which country?



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