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UK Pub Quiz

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Quiz 119b  by John Clark


What is the only letter of the alphabet does not appear in any US state or territory name?

The letter 'Q'


What movie scene took three days to film, and used nearly 60 doors?

'Here's Johnny' from 'The Shining'


Popular during the days of the Old West, the Pony Express mail service operated for how long?

19 months


A person with turophobia fears what type of food?



Name the five UK towns and cities that have hosted the Eurovision Song Contest?

London, Harrogate, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Brighton


Which American president was the first to have been born in a hospital?

Jimmy Carter


 What name links a Dickensian dog and a 1980s TV game show?



The cedar tree appears on the flag of which country?



Which Scottish football club shares its name with an 1818 novel by Sir Walter Scott?

Heart of Midlothian


In Miami Vice, what was the name of Crockett’s pet alligator?



Which TV detective drove a car with the registration number 243 RPA?

Inspector Morse


Which Oscar winning film was based on the life and times off the Asian ruler Pu Yi?

The Last Emperor


What is India's national musical instrument?



According to the nursery rhyme, who put pussy in the well?

Little Johnny Flynn


According to the nursery rhyme, who pulled pussy out of the well?

Little Johnny Stout


From what continent did the tomato originate?  

South America


What did the Euro replace in Greece?



Which star sign is denoted by an archer?



        What's the name of the bit of water separating Wales from Anglesey?  

Menai Straits


What was the name of the princess in Aladdin?    



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