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Quiz 121a - General Knowledge

  1. Lancelot Brown,"England's greatest gardener". Born: August 30, 1716, Northumberland. By what name was he better Known? - Capability Brown

  2. 12 is the atomic number of which metal? - Magnesium

  3. Which Australian writer won the Nobel prize for literature in 1973? - Patrick White

  4. Who wrote the book Schindler's Ark which was also an (Oscar winning film)? - Thomas Keneally

  5. FD Roosevelt; Stalingrad and Louis Blanc, are all what? - Metro stations in Paris

  6. George Stubbs, 1724 - 1806, famous English artist, is remembered mainly for painting what? - Horses

  7. What is the real surname of actor Tom Cruise? - Mapother IV

  8. What sporting club is based at Smiths Lawn, in Windsor Great Park? - Guards Polo Club

  9. Born Farrokh Bulsara on 24th of September 1946 and died in November 1991. Who do we remember him as? - Freddie Mercury

  10. The Jungle Book (1894) is a collection of stories by which English author? - Rudyard Kipling

  11. Who wrote the book "I'm a Stranger Here Myself: The Story of a Welsh Farm"? - John Seymour

  12. Diane Belmont became famous as who? - Lucille Ball

  13. Name the five colours of the Olympic rings? - Blue red green yellow and black

  14. What does the word Zip stand for in the American 'Zip Code'? - Zone Improvement Plan

  15. The world's tallest grass can grow to 35 metres, what is it called? - Bamboo

  16. In what movie did Elvis Presley play a Red Indian? - Stay away Joe

  17. In what country will you finf the port of Frey Bentos? Uruguay

  18. Drakes ship the Golden Hind(e) was originally called what? - The Pelican

  19. The Salk vaccine is one of two vaccines used throughout the world to combat what disease? - poliomyelitis (or polio).

  20. What is your star sign if you are born between June 23rd and July 23rd? - Cancer


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