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UK Pub Quiz

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Quiz 124 by Bill Turnbull


1        AIM AT NUISANCES (anagram of a sixties TV series).

Man in a Suitcase

2        The title of which 1961 Joseph Heller novel has passed into common usage as a phrase meaning a no-win situation


3        What is the nickname given to older internet enthusiasts

Silver Surfers

4        How many years do you have to be married to celebrate a diamond wedding


5        Who was the voice of Danger Mouse

David Jason

6        What kind of nuts are used in a bar of Cadbury's Fruit And Nut


7        Who had a number one in the eighties with True

Spandau Ballet

8        What is the main diet of grass snakes


9        What is Selenology the study of

The Moon

10    Who was Shakespeare's gloomy Dane


11    Which architectural term is defined as 'an ornamental building or structure built purely for decoration'


12    What was Wild Bill Hickock's middle name

Butler (and his first name was James not Bill)

13    What were kept in ossuaries


14    To which battle was Churchill referring when he said we never won a battle before and never lost one after it

El Alamein

15    For what type of crimes was Tom Keating jailed

Art forgery

16    What was Papa Doc's real name (former president of Haiti)

Dr Francois Duvalier

17    What is the longest race in the heptathlon

Eight hundred metres

18    What is the fastest running creature on two legs


19    Which member of the Monkees had a successful country music career afterwards

Mike Nesmith

20    What are a karezza, a pavane, the black bottom, a cotillion and a quadrille


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