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UK Pub Quiz

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Quiz 125 by Bill Turnbull



1         What is the name of the extinct volcano that overlooks Edinburgh 

Arthur's Seat

2        Which Strathclyde town was created a new town in 1955


3        Salmon fishing and whisky distilling are associated with which Scottish river


4        If you found a zulu on the east coast of Scotland what would it be

Fishing vessel

5        Which Scottish city was called Devana in ancient times


6        What is the administrative HQ of the Scottish region Lothian


7        What is the longest river in Scotland


8        What is the predominant colour of a Scottish 100 note


9        Where was Scotland's first official naturist beach


10     What is the name of the famous gannet breeding ground off North Berwick

Bass Rock

11      In which Scottish city could you have visited the Gorbals


12     Which Scottish town is known as "The Gateway to the Highlands"


13     What is the name given to the thick clouds that hang over the city of Edinburgh and give the city its nickname

Auld Reekie

14     How many islands make up The Orkneys

Between 67 and 70 

15     Which word meaning idiot came top of a survey to find Scotland’s favourite word


16     What would a Scotsman do with an ashet

Put food in it

17     Which historic county, the smallest in Scotland is known as The Wee County


18     Which sixty mile long canal runs from Clachnaharry to Corpach

The Caledonian Canal

19     In which Scottish town would you find Duff House


20    What is the river that separates England from Scotland



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