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Quiz 126a - General Knowledge

1   The majority of the land area of Africa lies in which hemisphere?


2   From which US city can one travel south to Canada?


3   What would a cartographer make?


4   According to the saying what is paved with good intentions?

 The road to hell

5   Which World War II commander had the Christian name Erwin?


6   Who was Lady Chatterley's lover?

 Mellors the gamekeeper

7   Which dangerous gas is given off when coke burns?

 Carbon Monoxide

8   How many Godfather films have been made?


9   What was civil rights leader Martin Luther King's profession?


10  What does the vertebral column protect?

 The spinal cord

11  True or False, The Earth and the Moon are the same age?


12  What travels by conduction, convection and radiation?


13  In golf, how long may you look for a ball before it is declared lost?

 5 minutes

14  What farmyard animal is used to search for Truffles?


15  On what day of creation did God make the Sun, the Moon and the Stars?

 The Fourth

16  Can Polar Bears jump?

 Yes, up to 6 feet off the ground!

17  What is the usual colour of an aircrafts Black Box?


18  Which toy was originally a Filipino jungle weapon?

 The yo-yo

19  Which 1970's super group recorded Stairway to Heaven?

 Led Zeppelin

20  How many Carats is pure gold?

 Twenty Four


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