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UK Pub Quiz

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Quiz 127a - General Knowledge

1 What is the only bird from which leather can be obtained? Ostrich
2 What was the name of the bear in the Muppet Show? Fozzie
3 The Devil is usually associated with which piece of garden equipment? Pitchfork
4 True or False, Sharks can't get sick? False, this is a common myth
5 Which story begins all children except one grow up? Peter Pan
6 What was the name of the taxi company, shown on TV's TAXI? The Sunshine Cab Company
7 The oil of which spice is traditionally used for the cure of toothache? Cloves
8 What name was given to the eleven states that fought the Union in the US Civil War? Confederates
9 Tiger Bay is an area of which British city? Cardiff
0 In which country was Mel Gibson born? America (New York)
1 Which cut of beef is found between the rump and the fore rib? Sirloin
2 Which came first, Art Deco or Art Nouveaux? Art Nouveaux
3 Which black and white marine creature is the largest member of the Dolphin family? Killer Whale
4 Who wrote the Tale of Peter Rabbit? Beartrix Potter
5 Which doctor discovered Penicillin by accident? Dr Alexander Fleming
6 What is the world's most southerly capital city? Wellington, New Zealand
7 What kind of monkey gives it's name to a type of blood group? Rhesus
8 The picture of which American President appears on the one dollar bill? George Washington
9 When milk sours what acid is formed? Lactic acid
20 In which country was the food Chop Suey invented? America, China Town, San Francisco

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