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Quiz 136a - General Knowledge

1. Bach wrote six concertos and dedicated them to which Duke? - Brandenburg
2. What is the subtitle of the book 'Oliver'? - The Parish Boy's Progress
3. In which country would you find the 'Sutherland Falls? - New Zealand
4. Elizabeth Taylor won an Oscar after portraying a whore in which film? - Butterfield 8
5. The drama 'A Man For All Seasons' written by Robert Bolt, is based on whose life? - Thomas More
6. At what age did Adolph Zukov become chairman of Paramount Pictures? - 100
7. What does the acronym 'NASA' stand for? - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
8. Emperor Nero was portrayed by wich actor in the 1951 film 'Quo Vadis'? - Peter Ustinov
9. In 'Uncle Remus', what kind of animal is 'Bunney Bushtail? - Squirrel
10. How many gold medals did Laura Trott and her fiancee Jason Kenny win at the 2016 Rio Olympics? - Trott 2 and Kenny 3 (5)
11. Who won GB's only gold medal for taekwondo at the 2016 Games? - Jade Jones
12. In what year did Russia build its first atomic power station? - 1954
13. Who had a hit with the song 'Snowbird'? - Ann Murray
14. In music, what note is twice the length of a minim? - Semi-breve
15. Popular 1960's singer Ernest Evans was better known as whom? - Chubby Checker
16. Which comedy partnership were once welders in Lancashire? - Cannon and Ball
17. In what year did Kentucky Fried Chicken open their first London outlet? - 1965
18. In which US city will you find MacArthur Park? - Los Angeles
19. What year saw the fgall of the 'Bastille'? - 1789
20. On which British island will you find Beaumaris Castle? - Anglesey

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