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Quiz4FREE: Doing our bit to save the British Pub! Support our cause, go along to your local Pub Quiz. Best trivia.
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Quiz 137a - General Knowledge

1 - Which country has the world's largest Muslim population? Indonesia

2 - When did the Euro banknotes and coins officially become currency in Europe? January 1st, 2002

3 - Which language does the word "safari" originate from? Swahili

4 - In the American Presidential Election, the state of California is worth 55 points in the Electoral College system, which state is next most important with a total of 34 points? Texas

5 - What is the official language of Pakistan? Urdu

6 - Lake Volta is the largest reservoir in the world (2006) and is located in which country? Ghana

7 - What does 3G mean in the mobile phone ads? Third generation

8 - Which organisation has the motto: Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity? The FBI

9 - What is a more common name for a polygraph? Lie detector

10 - Before the Euro, the Irish Punt was divided into 100 what? Pence

11 - Of all the -ologies (study of), which has the shortest name? Oology, the study (and collecting) of eggs

12 - What do the following words have in common: aspirin, bakelite, breathalyzer, cellophane, escalator, frisbee, heroin, jacuzzi, styrofoam, tarmac, vaseline, zipper? They were all trademarks 

13 - What does the 'mp' stand for in mp3 players? Moving Picture (MP3 is short for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 and MPEG is Moving Picture Experts Group)

14 - What is the Sanskrit word for 'union'? Yoga

15 - Which country has, by far, the most universities? India has over 7000, the US comes second with over 4000

16 - The streets of Atlantic City, New Jersey, were used in the original version of what? Monopoly game

17 - What is Sirimavo Bandaranaike's claim to fame? The first woman Prime Minister in the World (Sri Lanka)

18 – What  is 'ataxia'? Loss of muscle control

19 – Who was England football manager before Terry Venables? Graham Taylor

20 - What did Valentina Tereshkova do in 1963 that propelled her to fame? Became the first woman in space


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