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UK Pub Quiz

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Quiz4FREE: Doing our bit to save the British Pub! Support our cause, go along to your local Pub Quiz.

Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.

Quiz 13b -  Sent in by: Bill Turnbull:  (Highly Rated - Jim)


1. What is the name given to fishing equipment? - Tackle
2. Which British aircraft company made the Sea Hawk fighter? - Hawker
3. Which animal has the longest pregnancy? - Elephant
4. What was the first UK number one for Frankie Goes To Hollywood? - Relax
5. What type of wood is Black Rod's rod made from? - Ebony
6. What is the state capital of California? - Sacramento
7. What is the fossilised resin of coniferous trees called? - Amber
8. Who had a number one in 2008 with Run? - Leona Lewis
9. Which county did Ian Botham join when he left Somerset? - Worcestershire
10. What is the ancient counting frame using wires and beads called? - Abacus
11. What colour shirts do the Colombian national football side play in? - Yellow
12. Which Austrian city was the setting for The Sound of Music? - Salzburg
13. Who had a number one in the eighties with Green Door? - Shakin' Stevens
14. In which month does the Nottingham Goose Fair take place? - October
15. What was the name of the character played by Michael J Fox in the Back To The Future series of films? - Marty McFly
16. What are light cream filled tubular cakes made from choux pastry called? - Eclairs
17. Which fictional jungle dwelling character was invented by Edgar Rice Burroughs? - Tarzan
18. What was the name of the BBC sitcom which starred Tim Healey as a Falklands veteran who owned a hotel? - Heartburn Hotel
19. According to the proverb what is bliss when it is folly to be wise? - Ignorance
20. What word can be linked with hob thumb and toe? - Nail
21. From which creature do we get pate de foie gras? - Geese
22. What would your profession be if you were a member of the N.U.T.? - Teacher
23. Where was the TV series Magnum set? - Hawaii
24. Where in the body would you find the stirrup? - Ear
25. In which American sitcom did the character Dan Conner appear? - Roseanne
26. Which Christian holiday takes its name from the Saxon goddess of spring? - Easter
27. In cockney rhyming slang what is a dog and bone? - Telephone
28. What type of wood are traditional yule logs made from? - Oak
29. Which letter appears in a small circle after a trade-name to prove that the trade name is a registered trademark? - R
30. What is the national bird of Poland? - Eagle
31. Which chocolates were advertised as having the less fattening centres? - Maltesers
32. With which country did Britain have a cod war in 1976? - Iceland
33. By what name is South West Africa now known? - Namibia
34. What is the home ground of Preston North End? - Deepdale
35. What city was Top of the Pops originally broadcast from? - Manchester
36. Which cardinal point does not appear in the names of the American states? - East
37. Which Biblical character demanded the head of John the Baptist? - Salome
38. Which Japanese car manufacturer make the Civic? - Honda
39. In which major sport can you use a joker? - Angling
40. Which group had a top ten hit in 1972 with Ball Park Incident? - Wizzard


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