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 Quiz 14a

1. What year? Idi Amin expels non-Africans from Uganda. Gordon
Banks is voted Footballer of the Year and loses an eye. Marlon
Brando stars in "The Godfather".

2. Are there more days in the first six months or the last six
months of the year?

3. What name did the Roman Emperor, Octavian, choose for himself
and in doing so gave us a summer month?

4. What year? Colin Todd was named footballer of the year, Ray
Reardon was snooker world champion, and Arthur Ashe became the
first black Wimbledon champion.

5. Born in Belfast on 29th November 1898, C S LEWIS wrote the
famous series of children's books "The Chronicles of Narnia", what
did the C S stand for?

6. In the year the Queen of England came to the throne, Humphrey
Bogart won an Oscar for best actor. For which film?

7. Which charter did Churchill & Roosevelt sign on HMS Prince of
Wales in 1941?

8. What was the name of the socialist movement in England and Wales
between 1837-55 which attempted to better the conditions of the
working classes?

9. Which gymnast scored the first perfect ten in Olympic history?

10. Who was:
a: US president on VE day?
b: US President when man first walked on the moon?
c: US President at the start of the American Civil war?
d: British Prime Minister at the time of Queen Elizabeth II's
e: President of South Africa when Nelson Mandela was released
from prison?

11. What name was given to the heir to the French throne from 1350
to 1830?

12. What year: The FA cup was won after a replay, Sally Gunnel set
a world record in winning the world 400 metres hurdles title and
the Grand National was aborted and declared void.

13. On which Italian island did the Rochdale-born music-hall singer
and comedienne Gracie Fields die on 27th September 1979?

14. On the 13/06/1999 which now-disgraced athlete followed in the
footsteps of Linford Christie to become the second European to run
the 100 metres in less than 10 seconds?

15. Who is the full name of the only survivor of the Paris car
crash which killed Princess Diana?

16. In American history for what activity was John Wesley Hardin

17. Which leader was exiled from Cyprus to the Seychelles in 1956?

18. Which was the biggest Argentinian ship to be sunk during the
Falklands War?

19. Who published centuries in 1555, a book of rhyming prophesies
up to the year 3797?

20. What name was given to the followers of Charles Orde Wingate
during World War II?

21. In which year was The Woodstock Rock Festival held?

22. What are the roman numerals for the year that English King
George VI died?

23. Football:
a: Who was British and European football player of the year in
b: Which Dutch footballer, from the Seventies, was named
European Footballer of the Year on three occasions?

24. Which space first was Vladimir Komarov in 1967?

25. Which category of Noble prize was first awarded in 1969?

26. Which Italian island was the first place of exile of Napoleon I
of France?

27. World Wars:
a. In which month in 1914 did the First World War begin?
b. What were people told to 'keep burning' in the hit song of
c. What was the occupation of Edith Cavell who was shot by the
Germans on a spying charge?
d. Who became prime minister of Britain in 1916?
e. What did George V ban in his household to encourage others
to do the same and help the war effort?
f. In the 1915 song where did you 'Pack up your troubles'?
g. How did Lord Kitchener die?
h. At which battle in 1916 were there said to be a million
i. Which new weapon was introduced in battle in 1916?
j. What was the 1914-1918 war known as until 1939?


1. 1972.

2. Last six months.

3. Augustus.

4. 1975.

5. Clive Staples Lewis.

6. The African Queen.

7. The Atlantic Charter.

8. The Chartists.

9. Nadia Comaneci.

10. a: Harry S Truman, b: Richard Nixon, c: Abraham Lincoln, d:
Winston Churchill e: F W de Klerk.

11. Dauphin.

12. 1993.

13. The Isle Of Capri.

14. Dwane Chambers.

15. Trevor Rees-Jones.

16. Gunfighting.

17. Archbishop Makarious.

18. General Belgrano.

19. Nostradamus.

20. The Chindits.

21. 1969.

22. MCMLII (1952).

23. a: George Best, b: Johann Cruyf.

24. First human fatality.

25. Economics

26. Elba.

27. a. August, b. Home Fires, c. Nurse, d. Lloyd George, e.
Alcohol, f. In your old kit bag, g. Lost at sea, h. Somme, i. Tank,
j. The Great War.



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