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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. *Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.

 Quiz 16

1 Carl and the Passions changed band name to what? Beach Boys
2 How many rings on the Olympic flag? Five
3 What colour is vermilion a shade of? Red
4 King Zog ruled which country? Albania
5 What colour is Spock's blood? Green
6 Where in your body is your patella? Knee ( it's the kneecap )
7 Where can you find London bridge today? USA ( Arizona )
8 What spirit is mixed with ginger beer in a Moscow mule? Vodka
9 Who was the first man in space? Yuri Gagarin
10 What would you do with a Yashmak? Wear it - it's an Arab veil
11 Who betrayed Jesus to the Romans? Judas Escariot
12 Which mammals lay eggs? Duck billed platypus and echidna. (The animals which lay eggs are known as Oviparous: these animals are completely formed in the eggshell with no development inside the womb of the mother. Animals which lay eggs include birds, most reptiles, amphibians and fish, as well as the two monotremes (egg laying mammals) - the platypus and the echidna. Most insects and arachnids also lay eggs. Learn more about echidna's: http://www.abc.net.au/schoolstv/animals/ECHIDNAS.htm ) Thanks to: Sylvia & Phill Bowers for their enquiry.
13 On television what was Flipper? Dolphin
14 Who's band was The Quarrymen? John Lennon
15 Which was the most successful Grand National horse? Red Rum
16 Who starred as the Six Million Dollar Man? Lee Majors
17 In the song Waltzing Matilda - What is a Jumbuck? Sheep
18 Who was Dan Dare's greatest enemy in the Eagle? Mekon
19 What is Dick Grayson better known as? Robin (Batman and Robin)
20 What was given on the fourth day of Christmas? Calling birds




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