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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. * Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.

 Quiz 1a

1. What year did Fidel Castro become president of Cuba? - 1976. He was 'Prime Minister' previously from 1956 - 1976.

2. Which English King was known as ' (name) The Great'? - Alfred the Great

3. Can you name the London theatre named after Queen Victoria's husband? - The Royal Albert Hall

4. In what year (or century) was Michelangelo born? - 1475 (15th)

5. In what year was Elvis Presley born? - 1935

6. Being developed from earlier keyboard instruments, what year was the piano invented? - 1709

7. Name the Greek Mythological hero who killed the gorgon Medusa? - Perseus

8. Name the West Indian batsman who scored a remarkable 501 not out in 1994? - Brian Lara

9. When running around the athletics track, what does the sound of a bell indicate? - The last lap

10. Zeus is the king of the Gods in which mythology? - Greek

11. Windsor Castle is the largest castle in England. True or false? - True

12. In Italy, which city is surrounded by another city? - Vatican city, surrounded by Rome

13. In which American state would you find Mt. Rushmore? - South Dakota

14. Which animal, when born, averages between 6 to 8 metres long? - Blue Whale

15. Which country has the longest alphabet? - Cambodia (74 letters)

16. What is the most common place name in Britain? - Newton (meaning New Town)

17. Walloons are what nationality and speak what language? - Belgian and speak French (and live usually in the Wallonia region.)

18. Which word in the English language has the most meanings/definitions? - The word SET has the most meanings/definitions of any word in the English language. SET has 464 definitions in the Oxford English Dictionary.

19. What does the French phrase BEAU GESTE mean? - Noble gesture

20. Name the two most used languages in the Vatican City? - Italian and Latin