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 Quiz 21A History 1

  1. What was Mussolini's first name? - Benito

  2. Who was assassinated in New Delhi in 1948? - Mohandas Gandhi

  3. Which was the only state in the USA to be named after a President? - Washington

  4. What year was Juan Carlos proclaimed King of Spain? - 1975

  5. Which King built the 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon'? - Nebuchadnezzar 11

  6. Which US President was a peanut farmer? - Jimmy Carter

  7. What was the name of America's first atomic powered submarine? - The Nautilus

  8. How many coffins were used when Napoleon Bonaparte was laid to rest? - 6 (Within Les Invalides is the final resting place of Napoleon Bonaparte. The former emperor's body was returned to France from St Helena in 1840 and, after a state funeral, was laid to rest in St Jerome's Chapel while his tomb was completed in 1861.  There was no expense spared for the tomb and Napoleon Bonaparte's body lies within six separate coffins. They are made of iron, mahogany, two of lead, ebony, and the outer one is red porphyry.  The tomb sits on a green-granite pedestal surrounded by 12 pillars of victory.)

  9. What year did the Pilgrim Fathers land in America? - 1620

  10. What was the name of the ship that took the Pilgrim Fathers to America? - The Mayflower

  11. Who discovered the Grand Canyon? - Francisco Coronado

  12. What did General Sherman do to Atlanta in 1864? - He burned the city

  13. Name the Town and Country where Christopher Columbus was born? - Genoa, Italy

  14. What year did England's lease on Hong Kong expire? - 1997

  15. In what year was Charles 1 executed? - 1649

  16. Who piloted the command module during the first Moon landing? - Michael Collins

  17. On what date was John Lennon murdered in New York? - 8 December 1980

  18. Which spaceman was the first to orbit the Earth? - Yuri Gagarin

  19. During which battle did Davey Crockett lose his life? - The Alamo

  20. What was the age of Sir Winston Churchill when he died in 1965? - 93




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