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 Quiz 22A

  1. What was Billy Cotton's famous catch phrase? - Wakey Wakey

  2. The letter 'D' is the international vehicle registration letter for which country? - Germany

  3. In which European city would you find the 'Spanish Steps'? - Rome

  4. In what year was the building of the 'Sydney Opera House' finished? - 1973

  5. In which city is the house where 'Anne Frank and her family' hid from the Nazis during WW2? - Amsterdam

  6. What was the name of France's longest serving King who died in September 1715? - Louis XIV

  7. What is the boiling point of water in the Fahrenheit scale? - 212 degrees

  8. Which famous ship set sail from Plymouth on September 16th 1620? - The Mayflower

  9. In what year were first and second class stamps introduced in Britain? - 1968

  10. In the book 'Lost Horizon' by James Hilton, what was the name of the imaginary paradise created in the book? - Shangri-La

  11. Charles Cruft organised his first dog show to promote what? - Dog biscuits

  12. Which famous actor was born in Beirut in 1964? - Keanu Reeves

  13. Born in 1927, which pianist had hits with 'Side Saddle' and 'Roulette'? - Russ Conway

  14. Which Irish actor played 'Macbeth at 'The Old Vic in 1980? - Peter O'Toole

  15. On September 3rd 1939, who announced that Britain was at war with Germany? - Neville Chamberlain

  16. Who was the first newsreader to appear on television in 1955? - Kenneth Kendal

  17. What character did Johnny Briggs play in 'Coronation Street'? - Mike Baldwin

  18. What is the real name of 'Buster Bloodvessel' lead singer of pop group 'Bad Manners'? - Douglas Trendle

  19. Born in 1533, who was known as the virgin Queen? - Elizabeth 1

  20. What is the largest city in South Africa? - Johannesburg




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