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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. *Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.

 Quiz 24 Entertainment -Answers below

1. Name the four cats beginning with an 'M' in Cats.
2. In which cities are the following famous opera houses?  a. La
Scala  b. The Metropolitian Opera  c. Teatro Colon.

3. Bowie is a stage name. David Bowie's real name is the same as
which teeny star from the 1960s?

4. In song, which public place is a. "melting in the dark" and b.
"over bridge of sighs"?

5. Who played Guenevere alongside Richard Burton in the original
stage musical Camelot?

6. Which elegant and charming woman is mentioned in each of the
following songs   The Lady is a vamp (Spice Girls), Posthuman
(Marilyn Manson), Cruel (Bryan Ferry), 52 Girls (B52s).

7. Complete the title of this Pink Floyd song.  'Several species of
small fury animals........'

8. Which Grammy Award and Golden Globe winning singer and actress
represented the UK in the Eurovision song contest 1974 and came in
fourth place behind the winners ABBA  ?

9. In song, which "smarter than average" character "will sleep to
noon" and "has it better than a millionaire" ?

10. The teenage girls that went beserk about Frank Sinatra during
the Sinatramania years were named after an article of clothing.
What were those girls called ?

11. Which country did Aneka who sang Japanese boy come from?

12. In what popular musical film did Wilfred Hyde-White play
Colonel Hugh Pickering?

13. Which musical does the song "There's no Business like Show
Business" come from?

14. What musical (clue: described as a 'Tribal-Love-Rock' musical)
premiered in London on the very next night after stage-censorship
was abolished in 1968?

15. Which piece of music accompanied Torvill and Dean to Olympic
Gold success?

16. Who was the youngest Beatle?

17. Who wrote the music for West Side Story?

18. Who did Marc Almond sing with his first no 1 hit?

19. Who was the lead singer with the Animals?

20. Who had a 70's hit with Feelings?

21. Why didn't Gustav Holst include Pluto in his 1918 orchestral
suite "The Planets"?

22. Which jazz musician was known as Yardbird, or Bird?

23. What is the correct title of the music sometimes referred to as
"Danny Boy"?

24. What does the musical term 'da capo' mean?

25. The march entitled Liberty Bell (By Sousa) was the title music
for which TV comedy programme?

and now the answers...


1. Macavity, Mr. Mistoffeles, Mungojerrie and Munkustrap.

2. a. Milan,  b. New York,  c. Buenos Aires.

3. Davey Jones of the Monkees.

4. a. MacArthur Park  b. Itchycoo Park.

5. Julie Andrews.

6. Jackie O.

7. '....gathered together in a cave and grooving with a Pict'.

8. Olivia Newton John.

9. Yogi Bear.

10. Bobby Soxers.

11. Scotland (United Kingdom).

12. My Fair Lady.

13. Annie get your Gun.

14. Hair.

15. Ravel's Bolero.

16. George Harrison.

17. Leonard Bernstein.

18. Gene Pitney (Something's gotten hold of my heart).

19. Eric Burden.

20. Morris Albert.

21. It wasn't discovered until 1930.

22. Charlie Parker.

23. Londonderry Air.

24. From the beginning.

25. Monty Python's Flying Circus.



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