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Quiz 24b - Triple Challenge!  Sent in by: Bill Turnbull:  (Highly Rated - Jim)

I called this one Triple Challenge, three answers and a point for each (Total of 120 points for this quiz)

1. Which three counties adjoin Devon? - Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset
2. What were the first three food items to be rationed in WW2? - Butter, sugar and bacon
3. Which three Labour leaders did Thatcher beat in general elections? - Callaghan, Foot and Kinnock
4. What are the three main types of radiation given off by radioactive substances? - Alpha, Beta, Gamma
5. Who were the original three actresses in the TV sitcom Take Three Girls? - Angela Down, Liza Goddard and Susan Jameson
6. What are the three types of port? - Ruby, tawny, vintage
7. What are the three commonest types of swans found in Great Britain? - Mute, Bewick, Whooper
8. Which three events comprise the triathlon? - Running, cycling, swimming
9. Name the three (Mainland) ferry ports that serve the Isle of Wight? - Lymington, Portsmouth, Southampton
10. Which three independent countries have capitals that begin with O? - Norway (Oslo) Canada (Ottawa) Burkina Faso (Ougadougou)
11. What are the three universities in Edinburgh? - Edinburgh, Napier Herriott-Watt
12. Which three so called new counties ceased to exist in 1996? - Avon, Humberside Cleveland
13. Which three British towns became cities in 2012? - Chelmsford, Perth St Asaph
14. The Union Flag (Jack) is flown at half mast for three occasions, what are they? - Death of the sovereign, funerals of former Prime Ministers and by Royal command
15. Name the diseases Louis Pasteur's 3 most famous vaccinations help to prevent? - Anthrax, Cholera Rabies
16. Name the three British warships that defeated the Graf Spee at the battle of the River Plate? - Ajax, Achilles and Exeter
17. Name all three of the constituents of the ferromagnetic alloy alnico? - Aluminium, nickel and cobalt
18. Jews are not supposed to eat pork, there are three other foods made from live creatures they are also not allowed, can you name them? - Camel, hare and prawn
19. Which were the three chief centres of civilised life in Roman Britain? - Colchester, London and St Albans
20. Who are Daisy Duck’s three nieces? - April, May and June
21. What are the three layers in millionaire's shortcake? - Shortbread, caramel and chocolate
22. Name the three indigenous British mammals that hibernate? - Bats, dormice and hedgehogs
23. Name the three field events which commence in a circle? - Discus, shot-put, hammer
24. Name three football clubs in Devon that have played league football? - Plymouth, Torquay and Exeter
25. Seven of the largest ten container ports are in Asia. Name the three that are not in Asia? - Hamburg, Rotterdam and Los Angeles
26. Which three places in Northern Ireland could officially use the title 'city' prior to 1999? - Armagh, Belfast, Londonderry. Note: "This was the case until the Queen granted city status to Newry & Lisburn in 1999/2000 (millennium awards).
27. In the TV sitcom Roseanne what are the names of her three children? - Becky, Darlene DJ
28. Who were the first three West Indies bowlers to take 300 test wickets? - Lance Gibbs, Malcolm Marshall and Courtney Walsh
29. In the early 1900's, what were the three main exports from Newcastle upon Tyne? - Coal, beer and urine (dye in Textile industry)
30. What are the three main types of spade handle? - D, T and split Y
31. In September 1951, which three countries signed a mutual defence pact, known as the ANZUS Treaty? - Australia, New Zealand, United States
32. What are the three christian monastic vows? - Chastity, obedience poverty
33. Who are the three people who have presented The Golden Shot? - Bob Monkhouse, Charlie Williams Norman Vaughan
34. Name the three fielding positions in cricket ending with the word On? - Silly Mid On, Mid On and Long On.
35. Which three animals were the first ever passengers in a hot air balloon? - Cockerel, duck and a sheep
36. He must be the king of the daft names can you name all three of Jamie Oliver's daughters? - Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo and Petal Blossom Rainbow
37. According to the Meteorological Office on average which three months of the year are the wettest? - August, October, December
38. Which three leaders signed the Camp David agreement? - Begin, Carter, and Sadat
39. Who were the three allied representatives at the Potsdam conference? - Attlee, Stalin and Truman
40. What were the three main battles in the 100 Years War between England and France? - Agincourt, Crecy and Poitiers


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