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Quiz 26b - WW1 Set 1:  Sent in by: Bill Turnbull:  (Highly Rated - Jim)


  1. Can you name Germany's four allies in WW1? - Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria Turkey

  2. What organization was given the only Nobel Peace Price awarded during WW1? - International Red Cross

  3. Which French WW1 commander has his statue in Grosvenor Gardens? - Marshal Ferdinand Foch

  4. What was the name given to the international conference held to redraw the map of Europe after WW1? - Congress of Vienna (accept Vienna Congress)

  5. The last post is blown at the Menin Gate in Belgium every night to commemorate WW1, which organization blows it? - Fire brigade

  6. Whose assassination sparked off WW1? - Archduke Ferdinand

  7. In WW1 what was Operation Catechism? - Attempt to destroy the Tirpitz

  8. In which month in 1914 did WW1 officially begin? - August

  9. In WW1 who were the first two countries to declare war? - Austria and Serbia

  10. What was the only major sea battle of WW1? - Battle of Jutland

  11. In which WW1 battle was the greatest number of casualties? - Battle of the Somme

  12. In WW1 Britain declared war on Germany because it invaded which country? - Belgium

  13. What was the name of the Canadian First WW1 flying ace, officially credited with 72 victories, the highest number for a British Empire pilot? - Billy Bishop

  14. What was the name of the first batch of British land forces to fight in WW1? - British Expeditionary Forces

  15. In which city did nurse Edith Cavell work during WW1? - Brussels

  16. Which country joined Austria-Hungary, Germany and Turkey in WW1? - Bulgaria

  17. After WW1 what was Hitler promoted to in rank? - Corporal

  18. What was the name given to the plan to alleviate the burden of reparations imposed on Germany after WW1? - Dawes Plan

  19. In which city was Arch Duke Ferdinand assassinated thereby causing WW1? - Sarajevo

  20. The Battle of Hamel took place in which country during WW1? - France

WW1 question series.
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