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 Quiz 27A - Historical facts

  1. Born on the 21st July 1899, who wrote the novel 'A Farewell To Arms'? - Ernest Hemingway

  2. Which American gangster was said to have been shot by FBI agents outside a Chicago cinema on July 22nd 1934? - John Dillinger

  3. He was born in 1913 and was Labour Party Leader from: 1980 - 1983. Who was he? - Michael Foot

  4. Who was he: First to swim the English Channel and later died attempting to swim across Niagara Falls? - Captain Matthew Webb

  5. Louise Brown achieved medical history in July 1978 by doing what? - Being the first test tube baby

  6. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) was founded in Washington DC in July of which year? - 1908

  7. How many times was (Sir) Winston Churchill elected Prime Minister? - 1 (Once in 1951. However following the resignation of Neville Chamberlain on 10 May 1940, Churchill became Prime Minister. )

  8. Peru declared its independence from which country in 1821? - Spain

  9. Premiered in 1965, what is the title of the Beatles second film? - Help

  10. Who wrote the classic novel 'Wuthering Heights'? - Emily Brontė

  11. What was Tony Benn's title before disclaiming his peerage in 1963? - Viscount Stansgate

  12. Bob Dylan; Eric Clapton and George Harrison performed a charity concert in aid of which country in 1971? - Bangladesh

  13. Who played the title role in the film 'Lawrence of Arabia'? - Peter O'Toole

  14. Opened in August 1778, what is the name of Milan's famous opera house? - La Scala

  15. Hans Christian Anderson died in August 1875. What was his nationality? - Danish

  16. In which Beatles song released in 1966 would you find Father McKenzie darning his socks? - Eleanor Rigby

  17. How did an aeroplane named 'Enola Gay' become famous (or infamous depending on your view) in 1945? - It dropped the worlds fist atomic bomb

  18. Which jockey rode 'Shergar' to Derby victory in 1981? - Walter Swinburne

  19. What criminal offence took place in Cheddington, Buckinghamshire in August (8th) 1963? - The Great Train Robbery

  20. Sir Gordon Richards retired from horse racing having ridden 4,870 winners in August of which year? - 1954




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