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Quiz 27b - WW1 Set 2:  Sent in by: Bill Turnbull:  (Highly Rated - Jim)


  1. Which country among Germany, France, Britain and the USA deployed the most tanks in WW1? - France

  2. What two WW1 enemies suffered one million casualties in the Battle of Verdun? - France and Germany

  3. Which peninsula near The Dardanelles was an important battle site in WW1? - Gallipoli

  4. Which British WW1 commander defeated the Turkish armies in Palestine in 1918? - General Allenby

  5. Who was the commander in chief of the Italian army in WW1? - General Armando Diaz

  6. Who commanded the US forces on the western front during WW1? - General Pershing

  7. Name the four countries who formed the Central Powers at the outbreak of WW1? - Germany, Austria, Hungary and Turkey

  8. Which German WW1 leader lived on an estate called Karinhall? - Goering

  9. After German flying ace Manfred von Richthofen was killed in WW1 who took over as commander of his squadron? - Herman Goering

  10. Who was Germany's Commander in Chief of the forces in WW1? - Hindenberg

  11. What was the first name of British Field Marshall Kitchener, who played a central role in the early part of WW1? - Horatio

  12. In which country would you now find the site of the WW1 Battle of Caporetto? - Italy

  13. Which two countries were allies of Britain in WW1 and enemies in WW2? - Italy and Japan

  14. Who led Germany throughout WW1? - Kaiser Wilhelm

  15. What was Hitler's rank in WW1? - Lance Corporal

  16. Who was Supreme Commander of the Allies at the end of WW1? - Marshal Ferdinand Foch

  17. What seductive WW1 spy had a daughter named Banda who was also a spy? - Mata Hari

  18. Who was Britain's leading fighter ace in WW1 (by number of kills)? - Mickey Mannock 73 only claimed 50, McCudden actually had more substantiated 58

  19. Which Belgian town saw the first encounter of Britain and Germany in WW1? - Mons

  20. What did Room 40 stand for in WW1? - Naval Intelligence

WW1 question series.
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