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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. *Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.

 Quiz 2a

  1. Who was the first jockey to be knighted? - Sir Gordon Richards. Also known as 'The shortest knight of the year!'

  2. Which was the first university in England? - Oxford - founded around 1167

  3. In TV's Hart to Hart, which actors played the Hart's? - Stephanie Powers and Robert Wagner

  4. What word would describe a type of shoe and and Irish accent? - Brogue

  5. In the TV series 'Rawhide', what was Clint Eastwood's character called? - Rowdy Yates

  6. Who first demonstrated TV in public? - John Logie Baird

  7. Which British car was to be mass produced? - The Austin Seven

  8. What is the highest waterfall in the world? - Angel Falls in Venezuela, South America.

  9. Which of the 5 'Great Lakes' is situated entirely in the USA? - Lake Michigan. The other four cross the Canadian and USA border.

  10. Which is the largest in area - The Sahara Desert or Australia? - The Sahara Desert (5,000 across)

  11. Can you name the tallest grass which can grow to around 25m? - Bamboo

  12. What is the world's largest cat? - The Siberian Tiger (growing to around 3.2m from nose to tail)

  13. What is the world's fastest animal? - The Peregrine Falcon which can reach speeds of 200km/h when in pursuit of it's prey.

  14. Which is the largest rodent in the world? - The Capybara. Adult capybaras may be as long as 130 centimetres (more than four feet) and 50 centimetres (1.6 feet) tall, and weigh more than 100 pounds.

  15. How long is the gestation period for an elephant. Is it a. 660 days b. 500 days or c. 450 days? - a. 660 days.

  16. Which is the world's largest mammal? - The Blue Whale which can grow to 33.5 m long.

  17. Can some parrots and budgerigars talk? - No. But they can mimic human speech (which is not the same as talking)

  18. What is the world's biggest fish? - The whale shark. (Living on plankton it can grow to 18m in length)

  19. Where would you find 'Timbuktu? - In the African country of Mali.

  20. The 'Battle of Waterloo' was fought in which country? - Belgium




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