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Quiz 36a

  1. What name is given to the festival that is held in the Valencian town of Buņol, Spain, in which participants throw tomatoes and get involved in this tomato fight purely for fun. It is held on the last Wednesday of August.? -  La Tomatina

  2. How old was Jade Goody, from Big Brother fame, when she appeared in 'London's Burning'? - 5 years old. (She appeared in the pilot episode)

  3. In 1982 who had a No.1 UK hit with 'Land of Make Believe'? - Bucks Fizz

  4. Near which UK city would you find 'Spaghetti Junction? - Birmingham

  5. In which country would you find the city of St. Moritz? - Switzerland

  6. Who wrote the poem "A Rime of the Ancient Mariner? - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  7. In the film "Anne of a Thousand Days" what character was played by Richard Burton? - Henry V111

  8. Which British coin was discontinued in 1970? - The half crown (two shillings and sixpence)

  9. Who was the first woman to swim the English Channel? - Gertrude Ederle

  10. Which character was played by William Shatner in 'Star Trek'? - Captain James T Kirk

  11. Adam; Hoss and Joe lived on the 'Ponderosa', what was their surname? - Cartwright

  12. What luxury wool is produced by angora goats? - Mohair

  13. Who played 'Ned Kelly' in the 1969 film of the same name? - Mick Jagger

  14. Which country was called Hibernia by the Romans? - Ireland

  15. Bread is 'What' according to  the Lords Prayer? - Staff of Life

  16. Who wrote the WW11 novel 'The Cruel Sea'? - Nicholas Monsarrat

  17. Glenda Jackson won an Oscar in 1971 for which film? - Women in Love

  18. When is a racehorse's official birthday? - January 1st

  19. In which ocean would you find the Maldives? - Indian Ocean

  20. Who was kidnapped by John Miller in Brazil? - Ronald Briggs



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