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Quiz 41b - General Knowledge

Here's a clue! - ALL THE ANSWERS CONTAIN A DOUBLE 0 (Another quiz from Bill Turnbull)

1. According to the proverb what is it said that you need, to sup with the devil? - A long spoon

2. What is David Essex' real name? - David Cook

3. Gary Cooper won an Oscar as best actor for his part in which 1952 film? - High Noon

4. In rugby union which player usually throws the ball in at a line out? - The hooker

5. What is the English equivalent of the French surname Dubois? - Wood

6. The Romans used a mixture of vinegar, honey and salt as the first known example of which everyday item? - Toothpaste

7. Which American president declared war on Germany in 1917? - Woodrow Wilson

8. Which musician was known as the King of Swing? - Benny Goodman

9. Who is Colonel K's secretary in the TV cartoon series Dangermouse? - Miss Boathook

10. Which Sussex racecourse was established by the Third Duke of Richmond? - Goodwood

11. What is the name given to a cigar with both ends squarely cut? - Cheroot

12. By what name are the followers of The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity more commonly known as? - Moonies

13. Which musical instrument is sometimes affectionately known as the Gentleman of the Woodwinds? - Bassoon

14. On which radio programme did the dreaded batter pudding hurler of Bexhill on sea appear? - The Goon Show

15. Who was the first man to swim the 100 yards breaststroke in under a minute? - Adrian Moorhouse

16. In which JB Priestley novel does Inigo Jollifart appear? - The Good Companions

17. According to the old advert on TV what puts the T in Britain? - Typhoo Tea

18. Who discovered Botany Bay? - Captain Cook

19. Jubilee, Lord Derby and May Duke are all varieties of which fruit? - Gooseberry

20. What was the first number one for Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers? - Swing the Mood

21. What is the maiden name of Wilma Flintstone? - Slaghoople

22. Which fictitious hero was supposed to have lived at Kirklees Abbey near Dewsbury? = Robin Hood

23. What job would have been done by a specktioneer on board ship? - Harpoonist

24. When looking for new talent which group did Decca sign in preference to The Beatles? - Brian Poole and the Tremeloes

25. Which diminutive actor, comedian, musician was nicknamed the Sex Thimble? - Dudley Moore

26. What is the science of the study of animals called? - Zoology

27. At the beginning of the game of Cluedo where is the possible murder weapon the candlestick situated? - Dining room

28. In 1921 London had two airports one was Croydon what was the other one? - Cricklewood

29. In the 1998 set of commemorative stamps depicting comedians who is on the 20p stamp? - Tommy Cooper

30. Which song urged you to “Push pineapple, shake tree”? - Agadoo

31. What do actors call their rest room in the theatre? - The green room

32. Where was the setting for The Hound of the Baskervilles? - Dartmoor

33. Which hairdresser created the wash and wear bob in 1965? - Vidal Sassoon

34. What was the name of the girl played by Lana Wood in the Bond film Diamonds are Forever? - Plenty O'Toole

35. In which port are the headquarters of the National Girobank? - Bootle

36. In which English town or city is The Dolphin Shopping Centre? - Poole

37. Which actor said my idea of heaven is moving from one smoke filled room to another? - Peter O'Toole

38. What was Britain's biggest battleship at the beginning of World War Two? - HMS Hood

39. At which London underground station in 1975 did a crash kill 35 people when the train ran into the buffers? - Moorgate

40. Who teamed up with Nancy Sinatra for the 1971 hit Did You Ever? - Lee Hazlewood

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