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 Quiz 43

  1. The eldest son of a French King was always given which title? - Dauphin

  2. We know the golfer as 'Tiger Woods' what is his real first name? - Eldrick

  3. James Galway is famous for playing which instrument? - Flute

  4. With the Olympic Games coming up in 2012, can you name one of the two years London has hosted the Olympic Games in the past? - 1908, 1948

  5. What nationality was the actress Greta Garbo? - Swedish

  6. A film star and cousin to two former New Zealand cricket captains, who is he? - Russell Crowe

  7. What month is Fathers Day celebrated in the UK? - June

  8. 'The Laughing Cavalier' was painted by who? - Frans Hals

  9. Which two colours make up the Greek flag? - Blue and white

  10. Alaska became the 49th US state in what year? - 1959

  11. The crane Fly is often referred to as a what? - Daddy long legs

  12. 'The Ride of the Valkyries' was composed by who? - Richard Wagner

  13. The Von Trapp family were immortalised in which film in 1965? - The Sound Of Music

  14. The longest shoreline belongs to which English county? - Cornwall

  15. In which Californian city did the first Disney theme park open? - Anaheim

  16. The Northern Line is represented by which colour on the map of the Underground? - Black

  17. A phrenologist would be studying which part of the body? - Skull

  18. Where would you find 'Harris'; 'Lewis' and 'Benbecular'? - The Outer Hebrides

  19. Iceland became independent from which country in 1944? - Denmark

  20. Complete the following quote from Abraham Lincoln. "The ballot is stronger than the ..." - Bullet




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