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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. *Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.

 Quiz 45

1. A groaner to start with, European Footballer of the Year:
a: Who was the first winner of the title and which club did he
play for?
b: Players from which two countries have won the title a record
seven times?
c: Three players have managed to win the award three times, name
d: One player from the Czech Republic (post Czechoslovakia) has
won the title, name him.

2. Words and language: Which Sanskrit words used in every day
spoken English mean the following:
(For example "extinction or blowing out", which in Sanskrit is
a: awakened or enligtened.
b: teacher.
c: lord of the world.
d: cooked.
e: binding/binds.

3. What connects the actors Paul Muni, Edward G Robinson, Rod
Steiger, Jason Robards and Robert De Niro?

4. Which scientist was born in Germany in 1879, became a Swiss
citizen in 1901 and later became a US citizen in 1940?

5. Name the three counties Ian Botham played cricket for.

6. What should you not enumerate before they incubate?

7. Who wrote Tarzan of the Apes in 1912?

8. Shakespeare (one point per correct answer):
a: What title is held by Shakespeare's Cymbeline?
b: What was the name of Shylocks daughter in The Merchant of
c: Which Shakespeare play is named after a violent wind?
d: Who was the Merchant of Venice?
e: In which play does Bottom feature?
f: In which Shakespearean play does a dog called 'crab' appear
on stage?

9. The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia run from West Virginia to
which other state?

10. How many astronomical units on average is Earth from the Sun?

11. A JIFFY is, believe it or not, a unit of measurement. Does it
measure a: Time, b: Distance, c: Time and Distance or d: Neither?

12. What was unusual about the Japanese oil tanker
Shin-Aitoku-Maru, launched in 1980?

13. "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" is part of a famous speech
by which Shakespearean character?

14. What is a scrimshaw?

15. In which county was Camberwick Green?

16. What category of questions are yellow in trivial pursuit?

17. Esto is the best selling newspaper in which country: a:
Bolivia, b: Brazil, c: Mexico or d: Estonia?

18. Which film does not star the academy award winning actress
Jessica Lange a: Fried Green Tomatoes, b: King Kong, c: Tootsie or
d: Rob Roy?

19. What is the hobby of a campanologist?

20. Plus or minus 5%, what percentage of American citizens are

21. By George (one point per correct answer):
a: Who played scrooge in a Christmas Carol 1984?
b: Who ruled England in the period 1910-1936?
c: Who wrote the play Pygmalion?
d: Who founded the Quakers society of friends?

22. James Munroe gave his name to which city?

23. In golf what name is given to the number 10 iron?

24. Who did Virginia Wade beat in the Ladies singles final at
Wimbledon in the 1970s?

25. Finally, Up, On or Under. For each of the following countries
state whether it is above on or under the equator
a. India.
b. Kenya.
c. Brazil.
d. Argentina.
e. Singapore.
f. Angola.
g. Bolivia.
h. Mexico.
i. Namibia.
j. Gabon.

and now the answers...

1. a: Stanley Matthews, Blackpool. b: Germany and Holland. c: Johan
Cruyff, Marco van Basten and Michel Platini. d: Pavel Nedved (Josef
Masopust won it in 1962 but for Czechoslovakia).

2. a: Buddha. b: Guru and Pundit. c: Juggernaut, d: Pukka. e:

3. All played the gangster Al Capone.

4. Albert Einstein.

5. Somerset, Durham and Worcestershire.

6. Your chickens - Don't count your chickens...

7. Edgar Rice Burroughs.

8. a: King of Britain. b: Jessica. c: The Tempest. d: Antonio. e:
Midsummer's Night dream. f: 2 Gentlemen of Verona.

9. Georgia.

10. 1 A.U.

11. c: Time and Distance.

12. It was wind assisted, a so-called Automated sailing system.

13. Macbeth.

14. Objects by sailors.

15. Trumptonshire.

16. History.

17. c: Mexico.

18. a: Fried Green Tomatoes.

19. Bell ringing.

20. 4% only.

21. a: George C Scott. b: George V. c: George Bernard Shaw. d:
George Fox.

22. Monrovia, Liberia.

23. Wedge.

24. Betty Stove.

25. a. Above, b. On, c. On, d. Below, e. Above (just), f. Below, g.
Below, h. Above, i. Below, j. On.



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