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Quiz 48a - Sport

  1. In which US city do the 'Yankees' play their baseball? - New York

  2. At which English racecourse would you see the 'Hennessy Gold Cup'? - Newbury

  3. If you were watching 'The Richmond Tigers', which sport would they be playing? - Australian Rules Football

  4. What is the exact imperial distance of a marathon race? - 26 miles 385 yards

  5. Where were the 1948 Olympics held? - London

  6. In which sport is the term Balestra used? - Fencing

  7. What was American footballer William Perry's nickname? - The Fridge

  8. Why was Erika Schinegger stripped of her 1966 downhill skiing world title? - She was a man

  9. What is the longest race in the heptathlon? - 800m

  10. Which boxer added the term marvellous to his name? - Marvin Hagler

  11. Which referee was pushed over by Paulo Di Canio? - October 24, 1998 ? Paolo di Canio has been banned for 11 matches and fined 10,000 after pushing referee Paul Alcock over during Sheffield Wednesday's game ...

  12. Who was the first driver to win the formula 1 championship in a car he made? - Jack Brabham

  13. Which rugby union players sister was killed on the Marchioness? - Lawrence Dallaglio

  14. How many jumps are in the Grand National? - 30

  15. In which Australian city was the first cricket test match played? - Melbourne

  16. What type of race is Doggett's coat and badge? - Rowing

  17. Which British father & son both held world land speed records? - Malcolm & Donald Campbell

  18. Which American football team is called the Chiefs? - Kansas City

  19. Which athlete won the gold medal for the 100 metres at the 1924 Olympic Games? - Harold Abrahams

  20. How many players are there in a Hockey team? - 11

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