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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.

Quiz 56b - General Knowledge  Sent in by: Bill Turnbull:  (Highly Rated - Jim)


1. Which card game is also the name of a British racecourse and H.Q. of British horse racing? - Newmarket

2. What sort of girl did Billy Joel sing about in 1983? - Uptown Girl

3. Who played the part of the gigolo in the film American Gigolo? - Richard Gere

4. What is the name of Britain's drag racing centre? - Santa Pod

5. How many consonants are there in the English alphabet? - Twenty one

6. What was the name of the plastic hoop that became a craze in the fifties? - The hula hoop

7. What nationality was the bandleader James Last? - German

8. What is the more common name for the alpine mastiff dog? - Saint Bernard

9. What is Fablon called in Blue Peter? - Sticky back plastic

10. What are cricket bats traditionally made from? - Willow

11. What is the highest score attainable in a crib hand? - Twenty nine

12. Who is reputed to have said "Golf is a good walk spoiled"? - Mark Twain

13. Which cereal is used in Scotch broth? - Barley

14. What are cherries flambéed in kirsch called? - Cherries Jubilee

15. What is Tina Turner's real name? - Annie May Bullock

16. Which characters in children's TV speak a language called oddle poddle? - Bill and Ben The Flowerpot Men

17. In professional boxing two corners are neutral what are the other two called? - Blue and red

18. What is the main ingredient of black pudding? - Blood

19. Can you name six American state capitals that begin with the letter S? - Sacramento, Saint Paul, Santa Fe, Salem, Salt Lake City, and Springfield

20. If a woman is gravid what condition is she in? - Pregnant


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