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UK Pub Quiz

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Quiz 58b - Begin With 'C' - Bumper 40 Question set  Sent in by: Bill Turnbull:  (Highly Rated - Jim)


1. What lager was advertised as probably the best lager in the world? - Carlsberg

2. What is the capital of Venezuela? - Caracas

3. Which sixties-seventies TV series began with a naked light bulb swinging to and fro? - Callan

4. In which country is the Woodbine Racecourse? - Canada

5. Which fat detective did William Conrad play in the TV series of the same name? - Cannon

6. What musical instrument is associated with Sir John Barbirolli? - Cello

7. Parisian Rondo, Early Horn and James' Intermediate are varieties of which vegetable? - Carrots

8. Who discovered Hawaii? - Captain Cook

9. What name is given to a dealer in candles, oils paint etc.? - Chandler

10. What nationality was Lois Maxwell who played Miss Moneypenny in the Bond films? - Canadian

11. What type of creature is a long haired smoke? - Cat

12. Which group had a top ten hit in 2000 with Yellow? - Coldplay

13. Richard Attenborough was once a director of which football club? - Chelsea

14. Which group had a number one in the eighties with Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? - Culture Club

15. Which salt producer's TV advert showed its name written in a trail of salt? - Cerebos

16. Who was the Roman emperor at the time of the successful invasion of Britain in 43 AD? - Claudius

17. What is the only English anagram of the word RUSTIC? - CITRUS

18. Which treasury official's signature appears on British banknotes? - Chief Cashier

19. Who is the patron saint of travellers? - Christopher

20. Who had top twenty hits in the eighties with Black Man Ray and Christian? - China Crisis

21. Who was the first English cricketer to play in 100 test matches? - Colin Cowdrey

22. Which make of tank did the Challenger replace as Britain's main battle tank? - Chieftain

23. On which island is the Blue Grotto a major tourist attraction? - Capri

24. An American would call him a podiatrist what would we call him? - Chiropodist

25. What do we call a substance that aids a chemical change in other elements but is not changed itself? - Catalyst

26. What is the capital of the Canadian Province of Prince Edward Island? - Charlottetown

27. What is the name of the pilgrim in Pilgrim's Progress? - Christian

28. According to Greek mythology what was the name of the three headed dog that guarded hell? - Cerberus

29. What is the name given to a long stemmed clay tobacco pipe? - Churchwarden

30. What was the name given to the soldiers under the command of General Orde Wingate in Burma? - Chindits

31. Complete the name of a 1962 film which starred Frank Sinatra The Manchurian what? - Candidate

32. What was the name of Kenny Everett's character Captain Kremmen's busty assistant? - Carla

33. The Hollies first top twenty hit was Searchin' but who had the original hit in the fifties? - Coasters

34. What do Americans call endive? - Chicory

35. What is the name of the fictional village in which the TV series Peak Practice was set? - Cardale

36. Which very famous film actor wrote Petula Clark's number one from 1967 This is My Song? - Charlie Chaplin

37. Which modern country was once known as Cathay? - China

38. Which country won the 1992 Olympic gold medal for baseball? - Cuba

39. What were the short barrelled rifles formerly used by cavalry called? - Carbines

40. What is the name of the sauce eaten with pasta made from cream, bacon, cheese and eggs? - Carbonari/carbonara



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