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UK Pub Quiz

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Quiz 59b - 'X MARKS THE SPOT' - Bumper 40 Question set  Sent in by: Bill Turnbull:  (Highly Rated - Jim)


1. What is the more common name for the day of St Stephen's Feast? - Boxing Day

2. Who sang the song High Noon on the soundtrack of the film? - Tex Ritter

3. On whose books was the Inspector Morse series based? - Colin Dexter

4. In which children's TV series did Steve Zodiac appear? - Fireball XL-5

5. With which Dutch football club did Johan Cruyff spend most of his career? - Ajax

6. What is a female fox called? - Vixen

7. Who was assassinated in a Harlem ballroom in February 1965? - Malcolm X

8. Who wrote Brave New World? - Aldous Huxley

9. Which publication founded in 1868 contains only adverts? - Exchange and Mart

10. Who recorded the hit album Starry Eyed and B*llock Naked in 1994? - Carter-The Unstoppable Sex Machine

11. With whom do we associate the phrase I wanna tell you a story? - Max Bygraves

12. What was the name of Joan Collin's character in Dynasty? - Alexis

13. What make of car was Jim Clark driving when he won the 1963 and 1965 F1 championship? - Lotus Climax

14. Which product takes its name from its three prime requisites, durability, reliability and excellence? - Durex

15. Whose guitar fetched 198,000 at auction in 1990? - Jimi Hendrix

16. Who created Jemima Puddle Duck and Mrs Tittlemouse? - Beatrix Potter

17. What did the Refuge Assurance League become after 1993? - AXA Equity and Law

18. In what street is London's famous Petticoat Lane Market held? - Middlesex Street

19. What moor was used as the setting for Lorna Doone? - Exmoor

20. The word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is used in Mary Poppins, spell it? - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

21. Who was the former Chelsea striker who once gave away a penalty and missed two in the same game? - Kerry Dixon

22. What is the medical name for the voice box that contains the vocal chords in man? - Larynx

23. What was the name of King Arthur's sword? - Excalibur

24. What would an American call perspex? - Plexiglass

25. Which female singer had a top ten hit in 1995 with No More I Love You's? - Annie Lennox

26. Paula Yates gave birth to a daughter in March 1983, What name was she given? - Fifi Trixibelle

27. In the US what is the imaginary line that traditionally separates the north from the south called? - Mason Dixon Line

28. Mickey Finn played bongos in which group? - T Rex

29. What First name is shared by three Scottish kings, eight popes and 3 Tsars of Russia? - Alexander

30. Who wrote Das Kapital? - Karl Marx

31. What is the medical name for the small tube protruding from the large intestine? - Appendix

32. What was the site of the Confederate Army's surrender in the American Civil War? - Appomattox Court House

33. Of which organisation was General Nathan Bedford Forrest supposedly the founder in Pulaski Tennessee in 1865? - Ku Klux Klan

34. What was Norman Lamont's last job in government? - Chancellor of the Exchequer

35. Which English town was called Isca by the Romans? - Exeter

36. Which duo had top twenty hits in the nineties with Jump 'n' Shout and Fly Life? - Basement Jaxx

37. Which 1960 film chronicled the partitioning of Palestine? - Exodus

38. What is the name of the Alpine goat with long curved horns? - Ibex

39. Who in Greek mythology were Helen of Troy's twin brothers? - Castor and Pollux

40. What disease is also known as woolsorter's disease? - Anthrax


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