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 Quiz 61 Bible 2

  1. Whose wife was turned into a pillar of Salt? - Lot

  2. What is the alternative name for the Authorized Version of the Bible? - King James Bible

  3. Who killed Goliath with a sling and a stone? - David

  4. What profession did St. Luke supposedly follow? - Medicine.

  5. Whose favourite son was sold into Egypt by his jealous half-brothers? - Jacob.

  6. What was the source of Samson's strength? - His hair.

  7. Who was the first to meet with the risen Jesus? - Mary Magdalene.

  8. Who was the Roman procurator who confirmed the sentence of death on Christ? - Pontius Pilate.

  9. As a reward, for which skill did Salome demand the gift of John the Baptist's head? - Dancing.

  10. According to the Bible, where was Daniel imprisoned? - Lion's Den

  11. Which book of the Old Testament is a collection of moral and ethical maxims? - Proverbs.

  12. Which book of the Bible contains the story of the Great Flood? - Genesis.

  13. What is the title shared by four books of the New Testament? - John.

  14. Who committed suicide after receiving 30 pieces of silver as a payment for betraying his master? - Judas Iscariot.

  15. Who made the Golden Calf for the Hebrews to worship while Moses was on Mount Sinai? - Aaron.

  16. Who was formed from the dust by God, then given the breath of life, to become the progenitor of the human race? - Adam.

  17. Who was the brother of Martha, raised from the dead by Jesus? - Lazarus.

  18. Which was the Canaanite town whose walls fell at the blast of Joshua's trumpets? - Jericho.

  19. Where was Jesus arrested? - Garden of Gethsemane.

  20. What are the 150 sacred poems and songs of praise said to have been written by David? - Psalms.

  21. What comprised the Decalogue? - The Ten.

  22. In what did the prophet Jonah spend three days and three nights? - In the belly of a whale.

  23. Which two priceless resins were brought by the Magi to the infant Jesus? - Frankincense and myrrh.

  24. What is the collective word for the writers of the four Gospels? - The Evangelists.

  25. What were the names of Noah's three sons? - Shem; Ham; Japheth

  26. Which five books of the Old Testament make up the Pentateuch? - Genesis; Exodus; Leviticus; Numbers; Deuteronomy

  27. Which of the New Testament gospels is not synoptic? - John's Gospel.

  28. Which biblical son of King David was caught by his hair in a tree while fleeing on a mule? - Absalom.

  29. Who was the son of Jesse, father of Solomon and second king of Israel? - David.



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