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UK Pub Quiz

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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.

Quiz 68b - General Knowledge - Bonus Edition, 40 questions:  Sent in by: Bill Turnbull:  (Highly Rated - Jim)

1. What does the H.P. stand for in H.P. sauce? - Houses of Parliament

2. Where does America keep its gold reserves? - Fort Knox

3. What colour was the Owl and the Pussycat's boat? - Pea green

4. Can you name three American state capitals that begin with the letter T (point for each)? - Tallahassee Trenton and Topeka

5. Who had a number one in the sixties with I Got You Babe? - Sonny and Cher

6. What is the name of the Flintstone's pet dinosaur? - Dino

7. The University Boat race starts at Putney and ends where? - Mortlake

8. What is the wild dog of Australia called? - Dingo

9. How many presidents of the USA have been assassinated? - Four

10. In which American state are the towns of Fort Lauderdale and Orlando? - Florida

11. Which now defunct British car manufacturer made the Curlew, the Jupiter and the Javelin? - Jowett

12. What does SBB stand for in the beer Crown Buckley SBB? - Special Best Bitter

13. Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton, were together in what group? - Cream

14. Which county is the setting for the Darling Buds Of May? - Kent

15. Which car manufacturer made the Corrado? - Volkswagen

16. What colour shorts does the Brazilian international football team usually play in? - Pale blue

17. Which country puts Suomi on its postage stamps? - Finland

18. In which ocean would you find the Comoros Islands and Madagascar? - Indian

19. Arthur Scargill and Fergie were removed from where in 1996? - Madame Tussauds

20. We have all heard and probably know the seven sins. (Some of you may even have engaged in one or two from time to time)There are also seven virtues, can you name them (point for each)? - Faith, Fortitude, Hope, Justice, Charity, Prudence and Temperance

21. Which country singer was known as The Man In Black? - Johnny Cash

22. In which TV series do we see Mulder and Scully? - The X Files

23. What letter would you find on a snooker table? - D

24. How many laps constitute a race in British speedway? - Four

25. What is a hare's home called? - A form

26. What were Oxford bags? - Trousers

27. What is the second largest city in France? - Marseilles

28. How many paintings did Van Gogh sell during his lifetime? - One (The Red Vineyard)

29. Which aircraft company built the Channel seaplane and the Walrus amphibian? - Supermarine

30. What is the name of the signature tune of "The Archers"? - Barwick Green

31. Which female singer had a top twenty hit in the seventies with The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face? - Roberta Flack

32. Who was the youngest of the Marx brothers? - Zeppo

33. Who directed the Deathwish series of films? - Michael Winner

34. How many different obstacles are there on the Grand National course? - Sixteen

35. Which fellow Liverpudlian wrote the Cilla Black hit Step Inside Love? - Paul McCartney

36. In which season was three points for a win introduced in English football? - 1981-82

37. Where would a soldier in the British Army wear his good conduct stripes? - Left lower sleeve

38. Which is the only miracle mentioned in all four gospels? - Feeding of the 5000

39. Which country's flag depicts the rising sun? - Japan

40. Which Shakespeare play features the line “Neither a borrower or a lender be”? - Hamlet (how many thought it was The Merchant of Venice)


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