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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.

Quiz 70b - General Knowledge:  Part 2 of previous quiz. Sent in by: Bill Turnbull:  (Highly Rated - Jim)

21. According to the bible on which day did God create the beasts of the Earth? - On the fifth day

22. What was the main armament of the Sea Harrier during the Falklands War? - Sidewinder missile

23. In which English town or city was the pop group Blur formed? - Colchester

24. What are the two main ingredients of the Irish dish 'champ'? - Potato and spring onions

25. Which public school has the motto Manners Maketh the Man? - Winchester

26. Which American rock 'n' roller was killed in England in a car crash in 1960 on Easter Sunday and had a posthumous number one? - Eddie Cochran

27. Who was the first presenter of Blanketty Blank? - Terry Wogan

28. To the nearest hundred how many species of snake are known to man? - Two thousand five hundred

29. What is the highest form of chivalry / knighthood in Britain? - The Most Noble Order of the Garter

30. Another daft championship, In which country are the world's mosquito killing championships held? - Finland

31. The Blackberry mobile phone is made by RIM what does this stand for? - Research in Motion

32. Beside which type of tree did the jolly swagman camp in Waltzing Matilda? - Coolibah tree

33. Who directed and starred in the film Little Man Tate in 1991? - Jodie Foster

34. What does an athlete hold in their left hand when taking the Olympic oath? - A corner of their national flag

35. What is the most common surname in France? - Martin

36. In the TV series what does M.A.S.H. stand for? - Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

37. Who in the nursery rhyme laughed to see such fun? - The little dog

38. Who had a number one in the eighties with Caravan of Love? - The Housemartins

39. In the modern men's pentathlon, what distance is the run? - Three thousand metres

40. Which World Champion appeared on Isle of Man stamps in 1992? - Nigel Mansell


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