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Quiz 71b - Dr. Who Special - 100 Questions (Sent in by Iky)


Questions    Answers


1. How many companions did the First Doctor travel with on Television? Was it 8, 10 or 12?

2. Where did we see his TARDIS for the first time?

3. What was his relationship to Susan?

4. What book was so interesting to Susan in the first episode?

5. In the first Dalek story, what race did The Doctor ally himself with?

6. What pop group did The Doctor conjure up an image of on the Space Time Visualiser?

7. Zephon and Trantis were characters who appeared in which long running story?

8. Which soon to be sitcom star sang the songs in The Gunfighters?

9. Which actor played the First Doctor in the 1983 story The Five Doctors?

10. Where on Earth was his last adventure set?


11. The Second Doctor sees a reflection of his old self in what?

12. What is significant regarding Jamie, his first companion?

13. Chameleon Tours was featured in which story?

14. This story also saw the departure of two companions from the First Doctor era. Who played them?

15. What Factor were the Daleks seeking in The Evil of the Daleks?

16. Which Second Doctor story was lost until 1992 when It was recovered complete from the archives of a TV station in Hong Kong - Was it Fury from The Deep, Tomb of the Cybermen or The Moonbase?

17. Which story featured the characters Leo and Tanya?

18. What was the main source of technology featured in The Seeds of Death?

19. The War Games is a milestone story for Doctor Who. Is it the 30th, 40th or 50th story since the show began?

20. The Doctor’s Title or Race is first used in The War Games. What was it?


21. The Third Doctor’s first story featured which enemy for the first time?

22. Spearhead from Space was not just the first story to feature The Third Doctor, what was also significant about it?

23. What were the alternate Liz Shaw and the Brigadier known as in Inferno?

24. The Master first appeared in Terror of the Autons. How was his TARDIS first disguised?

25. In what village is the archaeological dig taking place in The Daemons?

26. Hart and Mitchell were characters in which Third Doctor story?

27. Who played Queen Galleia of Atlantis?

28. What was the title of the first episode used on Invasion of the Dinosaurs, due to not giving the game away about the stories protagonists?

29. Sarah Jane Smith posed as who to gain access to the scientific establishment in The Time Warrior?

30. What world does the Doctor face his fears in Planet of the Spiders?


31. Which professor built the Giant Robot in the Fourth Doctor’s first story?

32. Which companion gets caught by a clam in Genesis of the Daleks?

33. What is the name of the force that traps Sutekh in Pyramids of Mars?

34. Scorby and Dunbar feature in which fourth Doctor story?

35. Which Fourth Doctor story was the first to be officially released on video in the United Kingdom?

36. City of Death featured which two actor/comedians in cameo roles?

37. What was Douglas Adams first written story called?

38. Adric first appears in Full Circle. What was his race called?

39. The Rutans appeared in Horror of Fang Rock, but what other race are they in an age old war with?

40. The Fourth Doctor by the end of Logopolis has three companions. Name them.


41. Castrovalva, the Fifth Doctor’s first series, marked a major change in the series. What was this change?

42. Which artist inspired a great deal of Castrovalva?

43. Appearing as a ‘shock’ at the end of the first episode of Earthshock, who were these long running villains?

44. Which On The Buses star played Richard Mace in The Visitation?

45. Killed in Earthshock, Adric appears in two more stories. Name them.

46. Arc of Infinity is based in which European town?

47. George and Ann were characters in which Fifth Doctor story?

48. Which year does Will Chandler believe it to be in The Awakening – 1643, 1743 or 1843?

49. Which Batman star attempted to kill The Doctor?

50. What illness caused The Fifth Doctor’s regeneration in Caves of Androzani?


51. What were the names of the twins in The Sixth Doctor’s first story?

52. How many full time companions travelled with this Doctor? 1, 2 or 3?

53. Which character from a previous adventure reappeared in Attack of the Cybermen?

54. Renis and Kendron featured in which story?

55. Which seaside resort was The Doctor about to say in Revelation of the Daleks?

56. Sil partook of which snack food?

57. Which Spanish town saw most of the action in The Two Doctors?

58. Which other TV programme saw a child play the part of The Sixth Doctor in a special scene?

59. The companion Peri marries which King?

60. What is the name of the clerk in The Fantasy Factory?


61. Which famous German scientist is part of the Rani’s brain drain in Time and the Rani?

62. The planet Svartos was featured in which story?

63. What were the name of the girl gangs in Paradise Towers?

64. The Hand of Omega was placed where for safe keeping?

65. Which story featured the characters of Billy and Keillor?

66. Which musician made an appearance in Silver Nemesis?

67. What were the Gods called in Greatest Show in the Galaxy?

68. Fenric was part of which mythology?

69. What was the name of the building featured in Ghost Light, that terrified Ace so much?

70. Where was home in the Doctor’s case at the end of Survival?


71. When the Doctor regenerates in hospital, what is the orderly watching on television at the same time?

72. What habit is re-established from the Fourth Doctor in the Eighth Doctor?

73. The Eighth Doctor’s stolen costume was designed on which historical Western figure?

74. The Eighth Doctor claims to be biologically different from before. What is this claim?

75. Where does The Eighth Doctor hide a key on the TARDIS?

76. Dr Grace Holloway asks for two beds in what facility whilst locking The Doctor out of her apartment?

77. What sort of clock does the Eighth Doctor need to fix the TARDIS and get on with his journey?

78. What had opened in the TARDIS that the Earth could have been sucked in to?

79. What does The Doctor get Grace to set up on the TARDIS console?

80. What sort of diary is seen in the TARDIS console room?


81. Rose and The Ninth Doctor see each other for a second time through what?

82. Which actor was named by the Daily Mail as The Doctor hours before Eccleston was officially the Ninth Doctor?

83. What was the Ninth Doctor’s catchphrase?

84. What age does he give himself to be during his tenure?

85. Apart from Rose, who else travelled in the TARDIS with the Ninth Doctor?

86. In which venue were parts of Dalek filmed in?

87. What was the name of the department store the Ninth Doctor destroyed in Rose?

88. Which story featured the characters Mrs Peace and Redpath?

89. Margaret Blaine is elected to what position in Cardiff?

90. What sort of wave is the Ninth Doctor attempting to build to destroy the Daleks in Parting of the Ways?


91. What does the Tenth Doctor find in his dressing gown pocket in The Christmas Invasion?

92. Which creatures from the past turn up in New Earth?

93. The Tenth Doctor alternates his suits between which two colours?

94. Which story features the characters of Korwin and Abi?

95. What is the name of Anthony Head’s headmaster character in School Reunion?

96. What are the names of Martha Jones’s parents?

97. And what was the name of her cousin killed in the episode Army of Ghosts?

98. What year does the Mars base become active that the Tenth Doctor stumbles across in The Waters of Mars – 2049, 2059 or 2069?

99. What was written on the piece of paper The Tenth Doctor had given to Captain Jack?

100. How does the Tenth Doctor save the life of Martha in The End of Time?


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