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 Quiz 72. Famous/infamous people

1 David Ben Gurion became prime minister of which country in 1948? - Israel.
2 Which film director once said of Brigitte Bardot, 'If she didn't exist, we'd have to invent her'? - Federico Fellini.
3 By what name was the heavyweight fighter, Cassius Clay, better known? - Muhammad Ali.
4 In 1950 who made the allegation that 205 State Department officials were 'card carrying communists'? - Joseph McCarthy.
5 Which US pop artist created ?100 Campbells Soup Cans?? - Andy Warhol.
6 Who killed John Lennon? - Mark David Chapman.
7 In 1961 which famous dancer sought political asylum in Paris? - Rudolf Nureyev
8 Whose controversial radio broadcast of H. G. Wells The War of The Worlds (1938) caused widespread panic in the US? - Orson Welles.
9 For what crime was Al Capone finally convicted? - Tax evasion.
10 Who founded the state of Taiwan in 1949? - Chiang Kai-shek.
11 Which former Reuters employee went on to create one of the world's most famous secret agents? - Ian Fleming.
12 Who was known as the 'Sultan of Swat'? - Babe Ruth.
13 Who wrote The Common Sense Book of Child Care? - Doctor Benjamin Spock.
14 Which Russian revolutionary died of head wounds on 21 August 1940? - Leon Trotsky.
15 Whose compositions included 'The Firebird' and 'Petrushka'? - Igor Stravinsky.
16 Who was the daughter of William Godwin and Mary Woolstencraft? - Mary Shelley. 12.
17 Whose plays include Uncle Vanya and The Three Sisters? - Anton Chekhov
18 Who founded the Christian Science Church? - Mary Baker Eddy.
19 Which writer created the character of 'Jeeves'? - P. G. Wodehouse.
20 Who was the second president of the USA? - John Adams.




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