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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. * Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.

Quiz 76a

1 In which play and film does the character Jean Valjean appear? - Le MisÚrables
2 Psychologists says men who wear what during sex are insecure? - Socks
3 Who was supposed to have had sex with his nanny when aged 9? - Lord Byron
4 Which animal can sleep 3 years but only mates once - 12 hours? - Snail
5 In Norway 1980 a man was fined for being drunk in charge of what? - Mobile vacuum cleaner
6 Louis the XVI France only two what were recorded in his lifetime? - Baths
7 The same Louis did not consummate his marriage 7 years - why? - Overgrown Foreskin
8 How many people were reported to have died in the Great Fire of London in 1666? - 6
9 Why could William Tell not have shot the apple with a crossbow? - Crossbow was not known in the 13th century
10 How did the Emperor Claudius die? - Choked on a Feather
11 What country do Great Danes come from? - Germany
12 Who said - "One more drink and Ill be under the host"? - Dorothy Parker
13 The average Britain in their life consumes 1000 lb of what? - Carrots
14 What animal provides 50% of all the protein eaten in Peru? - Guinea Pigs
15 Who was the first US president to have been born in a Hospital? - Jimmy Carter
16 Who won an Oscar posthumously, for Best Actor in the American film 'Network'? - Peter Finch
17 Which actor has been portrayed most on screen by other actors? - Charlie Chaplain
18 Sergai Kalenikov holds the world record in what? - Pig Kissing (strange man!)
19 In California you can't legally buy a mousetrap without what? - Hunting Licence (strange State!)
20 Who won the best actress Oscar for the 1959 film Room at the Top? - Simone Signoret
21 What did ancient Egyptians rub on their penis to enlarge them? - Crocodile excrement
22 Which bird has legs but cant walk? - Hummingbird
23 A Paris grocer was jailed for two years in 1978 stabbing wife what? A wedge of hard cheese
24 Howard Hughes used to store what in large metal containers? - His Urine
25 Which classical poet said Amor vincet omnia (Love Conquers all)? - Virgil
26 If you were eating fragrant meat in Hong Kong what is it? - Dog
27 What country invented Phone cards? - Italy
28 What was invented in Rome 63 BC by Marcus Tiro? - Shorthand and the '&' symbol
29 What is the literal Greek translation of Sarcophagus? - Flesh Eater
30 French artist Aquabouse paints cows in what material? - Cow manure
31 An Arab/Israeli band Abu Hafla - record called 'Humping' meaning what? - Enjoyable Gathering (exactly!)
32 First ad on Radio Luxemburg 1930s for Bile Beans - which are what? - Laxatives
33 74 year old Margaret Weldon scored two holes in one, two days in a row. Why was this unusual? - She was totally blind and aided by her husband
34 In 1987 the Jockey Club disqualified a horse that had eaten what? - Mars Bar
35 A Baseball travels 9% faster in which US city? - Denver - thinner air
36 What was Joseph Pujol - La Petomanes stage act? - He flatulated - imitating music etc
37 James H Pierce was the last silent film actor to play who? - Tarzan
38 Who became the 35th President of the United States, serving from 1961? - John Fitzgerald Kennedy
39 Iris Somerville was killed in London in 1982 by lightning - Lightning struck what? - Metal Support on her Bra
40 What play is set in Venice and Cyprus? - Othello by Shakespeare


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