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 Quiz 78

  1. Who founded the 'London Philharmonic Orchestra' in 1931? - Sir Thomas Beecham

  2. Which Python was appointed Rector of St. Andrews University in 1971? - John Cleese

  3. Jack Warner used to start what programme by saying "Evenin all"? - Dixon of Dock Green

  4. Who advised drivers to "clunk click every trip? - Jimmy Saville

  5. Which TV character's catch phrase was' Boom Boom'? - Basil Brush

  6. Which Royal's Birthday is June 10th? - Prince Philip

  7. Where is Karl Marx buried? - Highgate Cemetery

  8. What is the relationship of Indera Ghandi and Mahatma? - None

  9. Capulet and Montague are the family names of which well known characters? - Romeo and Juliet

  10. Nancy Astor said to Winston Churchill "if I were married to you I would put poison in your coffee". What did Winston Churchill reply? - "Nancy, if you were my wife I'd drink it"

  11. Known throughout the world as 'Dame Edna Everage' What was the comics real name? - Barry Humphries

  12. Which dictator gave himself the title 'Big Daddy'? - Idi Amin

  13. Mary said "If Harold has a fault, it is that he will drown everything with HP sauce". To which Harold is Mary referring? - Harold Wilson

  14. Mary, Mary, quite contrary, goes the nursery rhyme. To whom does it refer? - Mary Queen of Scots.

  15. Which comedian's usual farewell was "Goodnight, good luck and may your God go with you"? - Dave Allen

  16. In which year did Marilyn Monroe die? - 1962

  17. What was Marilyn Monroe's full real name? - Norma Jean Baker

  18. Can you name the Labour politician who said, "Being attacked by Geoffrey Howe is like being savaged by a dead sheep? - Denis Healy

  19. Who said "the meek shall inherit the Earth but not it's mineral rights"? - J. Paul Getty

  20. What spy did Michael Caine play in three films? - Harry Palmer





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